How to Create a Feature Wall in Your Home

Making a feature wall in your home is easier than you think, follow our tips on how to do it!


Also called accent walls or statement walls, feature walls are one easy way to make your home look designer decorated. There’s a specific way that you can make a statement wall and it’s so much easier than you think! With a little bit of time, creativity, and imagination, you can create a beautiful space your family and friends will enjoy for years to come! Follow our simple guide on how to make a feature wall in any space of your home!

Find Which Wall Should be your Feature Wall

Instead of a randomly selecting a wall in your space to be your feature wall, put some thought into it before you move any further. A feature wall should be a focal point that catches your eye as soon as you walk into a space. Something like where your fireplace is, where your television is, or where the headboard of your bed sits makes an excellent wall to highlight. Sometimes we need to let the room do the talking, and choose a wall where our eyes naturally are drawn to when we enter a room. A feature wall will create balance in your space, and give your space a focal point from where you can build up on and decorate the rest of your home.

Choose Your Materials

Creating a feature wall could be as easy as painting your wall a bold color that will stand out and add a punch of style to your space. But don’t think that paint is your only option. There are tons of wallpaper designs on the market today, even ones that are textured, reflective, scented, and without a doubt gorgeous! But there are also ways to create feature walls out of tile, stone, and even reclaimed wood! Whatever your rooms interior decorating style is, I am sure you will find a material that will match your existing style, and add a beautiful focal point to your room!

Find Beautiful Wall Art

Another easy way to create a feature wall, is with a beautiful wall art. One of my favorite ways is to use small picture frames and hang them all up together on your feature wall. Designers call this a saloon wall, and it’s a super cute way to hang up your collection of photos, and artwork! It’s also a beautiful way to create a customized wall that will reflect your personality, style, and will also create an amazing conversation piece! A great way to get started on your feature wall is by ordering art prints online. All you need to do is choose your print, the size, and click order! There is no better way to get a designer inspired feature wall then with super affordable online prints.

So what are you doing this summer? Why not take some time and redecorate one of your spaces with an amazing feature wall! This is a fun project your whole family can do in a weekend, you’ll be glad you put the time in when you sit back and enjoy your work!