The energy provided by the sun in one hour is enough to meet the energy requirement of one year, so to harness some amount of this energy there have been practices of solar panel installation going on!


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There was a lot of issues going on about the procedure being costly and inefficient. With time there were many improvements in it. Today, solar energy is the main source of energy for a large number of families. Meanwhile, the number is growing day by day due to its different benefits. The step to make solar battery storages was a great step. This made solar energy a more efficient source of energy.

There are multiple benefits of installing the solar panel. These benefits of a home solar panel are listed below:

1. Renewable Source of Energy

Solar energy is a renewable source of energy. Solar energy is unlimited for people. They can harness it every day without fail, except cloudy days. It is not going to affect the supply as there is enough electricity produced to meet the needs. Thus, it will never happen that the source is running out of energy. We can harness the energy till there is the sun. According to scientists, we can have the luxury to harness solar power for the next 5 billion years.

2. Reduction in Electricity Bills

The expenses related to electricity bills reduced because of the solar panels. These panels generate low-cost electricity. The reduction in the cost of energy consumption depends on two things. The size of the solar panel installed and on the usage of electricity and heat. It is quite helpful for big commercial stations and also for home. During the cloudy days, even the little amount of sunlight emitted meets the total requirements in a few hours. The stored energy is supplied in the form of generated electricity.

3. Various Types of Applications

Installing solar panels serves different purposes like generating electricity (photovoltaics) or heat (solar thermal). It is carried to long distances without using an energy grid. It is transported to areas with a lack of clean water supply with the help of distilling water. It is used to power the satellites in space also.
Solar panels are modified into transparent versions of solar panels. It was brought in by the Sharp.

4. Low Cost of Maintenance

The solar panel service allows a low charge of maintenance. It only needs a few times cleaning per year. Since there are no moving parts or heavy work for cleaning the solar panels, it is pretty easy to clean.

5. Technology Development

The technology of solar power is constantly modifying it to make it better and better every time. Also, there has been an introduction of transparent solar panels. The innovations regarding the technology have made installing solar panels easier in areas with difficult management and lack of certain things.

6. Helps in Earning Tax Credits and Rebates

It reduces the cost, also gives the owner 30% of the total cost for both installation and the equipment as a federal income tax credit on filling for the taxes. If combined with the Solar Renewable Energy Credit (SRECs) with the state and local rebates it can save almost half of the total cost. Since the SERCs are generating throughout the year, anyone can sell them to utility companies. It is capable of generating a good return on the initial investment.

7. Allows Saving from Installing

The cost of annual energy can be a huge one. Solar panels reduce of all different types of cost like transportation and investment etc. from day one. It allows for a long term saving along with an improvement in the value of reselling at home.

Not only these but solar panels increase the roof value and contribute a lot for taking free energy. It also promotes the conservation of natural resources like fossil fuel for the generation of electricity. It promotes clean energy. It protects the environment from pollutants and this way it is contributing to the improvement of people’s health and also can bring in money for those who instal solar panels at home. It reduces maintenance cost. This innovative technology is providing people, living in areas with a lacking grid or water supply, with an opportunity to help others to improve their life. Thus, solar panels take care of all the energy and bill related issues of people.