Decorating In House Moves: How Do You Do It?

Decorating a house can be one of the most exciting things out there. After all, nothing feels more awesome than putting things in a room in order to represent the best traits and themes you want to pull off!


Photos By: Unsplash

Having the right materials and the time needed to mix and match wallpapers, place furniture and accessories, and even achieving that “balance” in terms of placement and aesthetics can give us such a thrill that can’t easily be replaced. Unfortunately, if we’re also conducting a house move, decorating your new home might be a little tricky. After all, you still need to unpack your things and settle, right? This might make interior decorating a bit impossible to pull off.

However, thing is, it’s actually possible to decorate your house during a house move. In fact, you might find it much easier to decorate your new home during your house move, as all the things you might need during the decorating process will already be set during the move itself. Here are some of the tips you should take note of:

Visit your Neighborhood to Submit Requirements and Look at Designs

If you’re already in your new neighborhood to submit requirements prior to moving from NYC to LA, you may as well maximize the time by looking into popular designs of houses in the area. Moreover, you can check out nearby real estate properties and locations for open house tours so you can check their ideal motif for their particular houses.

Create a Design Board for Your Decoration Inspirations

It’s important for you to have a design board or inspiration board for your design inspirations. This allows you to identify just what sort of themes or motifs you want to implement when it comes to your home design once you move. That way, we won’t have as much difficulty producing accessories or obtaining materials you might need in order to pull off concepts for particular rooms are parts of your phone.

Create an Inventory to Organize Things You Own

It’s important to have an inventory of things you need in order to identify exactly what you want to do with things you own prior to the move. An inventory allows you to determine things you want to sell, keep, or even throw away. Remember, your movers will likely need to know how much your things way in order to determine quotation costs. You can speed up the process by providing an inventory for them. Meanwhile, you can also use your inventory to determine if the things you currently own coincide with the design theme you’re planning.

Classic Motifs Always Work for Any House

Classic designs are named as such precisely because they are timeless. If you want an appealing house design that fits with almost any modern design concept today, opting for a traditional theme is always a safe move. There’s always something about soft hues and textures as well as formal-looking accessories to achieve that sophisticated vibe.

Old Accessories May Give Your Home a Much-needed Pizzazz

If you have older accessories with you such as vintage items, you might want to consider keeping them up as items for display instead of throwing them away. If you have a dedicated shelf or even a centerpiece that can hold objects, you can have these objects displayed as tokens of the past or just eye-grabbers that can definitely accentuate the room. Older items such as classic telephones, vases, and pottery, or even small lamps can do the trick.

Pay Attention to Placement When You’re Doing Basic Design

If you want to think about your overall design after your move, you should at least try to pull off a basic motif when you’re finishing the move. In that case, don’t just dump everything everywhere. Instead, choose a designated area for boxes you don’t plan on unpacking yet in order to preserve the space throughout the home. In the meantime, you can opt for a minimalist feel by organizing bigger objects into their dedicated spaces (e.g., furniture) and using as little accessories as possible to avoid confusion the eyes especially by the time you truly plan for the decoration of your home. 

Hire Movers to Help You With the Heavy Lifting

If you’re having trouble planning for your interior design because of the things you need to pack, transport, and sort, you might want to ask for professional assistance from teams such as a moving company Manhattan. With their skillset, equipment, and experience, they may be able to provide full-service moves or specific services such as packing and unpacking or even transportation in order to help you with the more technical aspects of your move. Moreover, with their assistance, you may be able to have your things safely transported to your new home while you sort out everything you need for interior design without worrying about the status of your belongings.

Decorate During Your House Move: Make It Work

With the above tips in mind, it’s important to remember that decorating during a house move is completely possible, even if you have a busy schedule. Remember, while decorating can be a completely different set of tasks when compared to your overall move, it may help to at least have some idea of your overall interior design before you even push through with your entire move. After all, being able to set your things to places you know they belong to will be able to help you adjust to your new home more without much worries. Moreover, this allows you to settle to your home and plan for your “full-blown” interior design without having to worry if your things are messy or placed in the wrong places.