Common Health Concerns Which Occur When You Don’t Have A Good Mattress

The human body needs sleep to repair and maintain bodily function. Having a good night’s sleep is an essential part of the daily cycle!

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There are times when you wake up on the wrong side of the bed which can be normal especially if you have an awkward sleeping position while you sleep. But if it’s happening quite often, there may be different factors to consider like stress and depression. Before jumping to that conclusion, it’s important to check your mattress. A poor mattress can cause long term health concerns due to lack of sleep. Let’s look into this closer.

What Causes Poor Sleep?

There are many factors and habits that cause poor sleep, here are some them:

* Stress – Stress is not good for the body. Many bodily functions are affected by it and sleeping is one of them.

* Depression – Depression causes the mind to overthink. When the brain is working, you may find sleeping difficult to do.

* Use of electronics devices – Artificial light causes eyes to function continuously. The use of mobile devices or watching television may affect your sleeping pattern

* Sleeping environment – The temperature, humidity and ambience may cause problems for your sleep. You might not be aware but there are some things in your room that can affect your sleeping habits.

* Your bed and mattress – The bed and mattress where you lay down also affects the quality of sleep. You may experience body pains and other health conditions when you have a bad mattress.

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Health Problems Caused By Bad Mattress

As mentioned above, there are many factors that contribute to lack of sleep. Based on studies, mattresses are one of the causes of most health related concern when you’re sleeping. Here are health related concerns that can be developed when you have a bad mattress:

Lack of Focus – A bad mattress will give you low quality sleep and if you experience it more often, it can lead to sleep deprivation. Most sleep deprived people lack focus. This condition greatly affects daily living of people experiencing it. A major impact of sleep deprivation is loss in productivity and alertness which may cause accidents or problems in your workplace.

Memory Issues – Peaceful sleep plays an essential role in building your memory. Lack of sleep may affect your capabilities to recall and memorize things you need for your everyday routine. Headaches and migraines can also be triggered by lack of sleep. If you’re experiencing this condition, you can check out or other sites for more substantial information on choosing a good mattress for your migraines.

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Allergies and Irritation – As your mattress ages, dust and dirt will accumulate. Microscopic organisms like dust mites will also be a concern because they feed on dead skin cells and dump their body waste exactly on your bed. You may experience an allergic reaction and irritation like skin rashes, asthma, difficulty in breathing and itchy eyes.

Body and Joint Pains – Aging mattresses sag and deformities can cause uneven sleeping positions when lying down. Having a bad mattress will provide insufficient support for your body which will lead into more serious health problems in the long run. If you sleep in an awkward position, your body and joints won’t get the optimum rest they need. This can result in back pain, body pain and joint soreness. Spine and leg problems like sciatica may also develop. Sciatica makes the channel of sciatic nerves painful and numb. The pain or numbing sensation may be experienced from the lower back up to your feet.

Weight Issues – People who are deprived of sleep feel drowsy and weak all throughout the day. To counter this feeling, they tend to overeat to energize their body to help them perform and make it through the day. This may lead to weight issues like being overweight and long term obesity. Monitoring your eating habits during the day and relating them to your activities will help you confirm if your mattress contributes to your lack of sleep.

Heart Disease – Lack of sleep raises the risk of heart related problems. Researchers found that sleep deprived people have higher risk of developing heart diseases by almost 50 percent compared to people who sleep well on a regular basis. Other diseases include higher blood pressure, risk of stroke and aneurysms which are life threatening.

Weak Immune System – Sleep plays an important role in repairing and maintaining the body organs and function. Lack of sleep hinders the body to get the maximum rest it needs to maintain the normal body function. When the human body, including internal organs, don’t get the rest and repairs it needs, the immune system is compromised. You’ll be prone to illnesses more often.


A good night’s sleep acts as a mechanism to repair and reset your body. Having a bad mattress will hinder your sleep which may compromise your health over a long period of time. Are you planning on buying a new mattress?