The Most Ignored Things in Your House that Also Need Cleaning

When was the last time you washed your carpet? Or to dig out more, your showerhead? You might be wandering somewhere a couple of years ago to answer this question, and it is not okay!


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Keeping your house clean is a big problem, significantly if you are a working woman or have little munchkins to care for. Even clean freaks sometimes can’t stay ahead of their cleaning habits and miss out on some nooks and crannies of the house.

While juggling between providing pick and drop services to your children, doing grocery shopping, and keeping your house organized, you just ignore many house areas that also need cleaning. Some of your hidden house areas and things are so good at hiding dirt and germs that you can’t figure out that you need cleaning. Or maybe, you don’t find them important enough for cleaning. Whatever the case, they are also important and need as much attention as your floor cleaning or washroom sanitization.

Here are some house cleaning chores you are missing out, but shouldn’t:


Most people don’t know, but our carpets are dirtier than our bathroom’s seat. We daily clean our bathrooms, but we don’t wash our carpet regularly. Smudges of spilled things and embedded dust particles are not the only killers of our carpet’s cleanliness. To your surprise, do you know that your carpet can hide 1-lb per square inch dirt? Moreover, a carpet has almost 4,000 times more bacteria than a toilet seat. So, if you think that your carpet is clean just because it is smudge-free, you need to think again. No, vacuum cleaning the carpet is not enough to remove all the trapped dust particles and bacteria. You need to call a proper carpet cleaning service to clean your carpet properly.


Just like carpet, we also ignore our curtain’s cry for the cleaning. Mostly our carpet cleaning bucket list is kept on hold for Christmas or seasonal cleaning plan. And that’s another cleaning mistake you are doing! Pollens, dirt, mold, and dust can easily grow on your curtains without your knowledge. Though you can wash your curtains in the machine, in case, you don’t want to go through this hassle, at least clean them with a damp cloth or vacuum them twice or thrice a month.


Continuing ignored things saga, coffeemakers are also included in our list. We make coffee, pour it in the cup and get back to watching the missed episode of our favorite drama. But what about the coffeemaker? We mostly ignore or forget to clean our coffeemaker while satisfying our caffeine cravings. Rinsing is not enough; you should clean it with warm water, soap, and brush to prevent growing mold.


You wash and change your bed and pillow covers, sure, but what about bedding? Your beddings, including pillows and comforters, also need cleaning. They observe the secreted body oil and sweat that can make them dirty. You can wash them in your washing machine or ask for a professional dry cleaning service. Do whatever suits you, but don’t ignore them!

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