Tech & Design Advancements That Have Revolutionized Storage Units

Around 10 percent of Americans rent a storage unit, with that number growing every year. If you aren’t already a part of that 10 percent, it could be because of a misguided belief in a myth about storage units!

Some people feel that they aren’t safe environments for their valued belongings. Others worry that they just don’t have enough items to pack away to warrant renting an entire unit. But tech and design advancements have revolutionized storage units. Keep reading to learn how modern units are protecting our investments and prized possessions and making it easier to fit our belongings into smaller sized units.

Climate Control for Sensitive Belongs

Perhaps the most important way that technology has revolutionized storage units is through climate control. Without climate control, storage units can get incredibly hot, especially in Texas. Most people realize that this can be detrimental to sensitive belongings, like your prized wine or bourbon collection. But did you know that a hot locker can ruin other items as well?

Paper products like books or photographs will curl, and pages may stick together, tearing when you try to take them apart. Wooden furniture and decorations may crack and warp. Even electronics that aren’t plugged in or in-use can be ruined if left in a hot place for too long. A climate-controlled unit solves this problem, keeping your prized possessions at just the right temperature, even during the heat of the summer.

Redesigned Layouts to Maximize Space and Minimize Costs

If you only need to put a few belongings in storage, you might think that renting a space is a waste. But thanks to newly redesigned, modern layouts, storage units are available in all shapes and sizes. This means units that are small and affordable enough for anyone, as well as large units that can hold your biggest belongings, like cars, appliances or the majority of your belongings while you’re moving or remodeling your home.

If you’ve been on the fence about a storage unit, but are eager to clear out the clutter in your home without tossing your hard-earned belongings in the trash, this design advancement might just be the answer you were looking for.

Enhanced Security to Protect Your Things

Moving your prized possessions out of your home means that they’ll no longer be under your own watchful eye, but modern technology has made storage lockers just as safe, if not safer than your own home.

From security cameras to advanced alarm systems, your storage locker is a safe, secure place to store even valuable items. You’ll get a unique password to access your unit, and everyone entering and exiting the facility is monitored around the clock. Consider how many times a year your family goes away for the weekend or an extended vacation, or even just the number of days where you spend hours away while your home sits empty. Unless you have your own advanced security system, you may just find that your storage unit is even safer than your own house.

Choosing the Right Storage Unit for You

Renting a storage unit is a great way to rid your home of clutter, secure your belongings while you’re moving or remodeling, or to better protect family heirlooms or prized collections. And with modern advancements adding climate control, security and better layouts to units, there’s never been a better time to take the leap and rent one for yourself.