7 Best DIY Pest Control Hacks for Home

Something crawling in your home and destroying things around is annoying. Pests and bugs are problematic as they cause harm in many ways!


You cannot get rid of them without using harsh chemicals. This article is useful for you even if you do not have bugs and pests in your home as the best way is to prevent them. Why wait for them to attack your house? Consider some hacks that help in preventing them. Other than scorpion extermination, there are also some plants, natural sprays and repellents and bugs preventing ways that can be practical.

Mint Plant

Pests and bugs may come from the garden or lawn at your home. When you know that a garden can be a reason, then growing some plants is a great idea. Mint plants are a great idea for your home. It not only repels mosquitoes and flies but you can also use it in your food. Pests and bugs do not like the smell of this plant.

Garlic Mint Spray

The natural and easy to make garlic mint spray controls outdoor pests. You can make it by blending garlic and mint in a blender. Add a drop of dishwashing soap and a small about of cayenne pepper. Boil this mixture and let it sit for a whole night. Then strain the mixture. Pour it into a spray bottle. Spray it to keep the plants growing and pests free so they do not spread in your home and bother you.


You might love coffee but pests do not. Coffee grounds are fatal for them and they really hate it. Put coffee grounds on the area where you think bugs are coming into your home. This is the best way to deal with ants.

Borax and sugar

Vance Hardinger, who has trained many Las Vegas Pest Control specialists, says “Another ant killer trick to use is borax and sugar. Prepare the borax and sugar solution by mixing half cup sugar, one cup boiling water and two tablespoons of borax. Place this mixture in the path of ants or where you feel they come from. It is a natural ant killer. Ants come to the solution due to the presence of sugar in it and die.”

Hot pepper spray

This solution is prepared with peppers. It is good to use cayenne but other kinds of peppers also work. You need to mix a gallon of water with three tablespoon or ten peppers that are finely chopped. Simmer it for around 15 minutes and then leave the mixture for 24 hours. Then strain it and add 1-2 drops of dish soap in it. This solution is good for plants.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is probably the ultimate solution for most of the problems. Create a trap for bugs and pests. You need a bottle with a funnel at the top. The bottle should have a wide opening so the flies can get in it but the smaller neck does not let them out. Put some apple cider vinegar in the bottle with some chopped apples.

Tea Tree Oil and Vinegar

This mixture is a silent and quick cockroach killer. Cockroaches are the hardest to kill and get rid of. Add ¼ cup of vinegar with 2 cup water and add a few drops of tea tree oil to it. Spray this mixture in pipes, on the ceiling, or in the bathroom.