The Complete Guide to Bedroom Lighting

Learn how to use lighting in your bedroom the right way, for a good night’s sleep!


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On average, we spend one-third of our life sleeping. Therefore, it does not come as a huge surprise that we spend most of our lives in our bedroom. But we use our bedroom for so much more than sleeping. It’s where we go to relax, read a good book or just daydream.

To make the most out of this room in any situation, you need to focus more attention on the lighting design. While the rest of your home needs no more than a few bulbs and lamps, a bedroom can really benefit from different types of lighting due to the numerous situations it is used for.

Here’s how you can use lighting to bring out the best of your bedroom”

Define the Lighting Zones

If you only use the bedroom to sleep, you can skip this step. However, chances are you use it for so much more, from putting on makeup and getting ready to work, to trying out different outfits and reading. This requires several different lighting options that fit each of these activities.

In most cases, bedrooms only need ambient and task lights. You can add accent lights if there’s an element like the vanity you want to put the spotlight on. You will also need some general lighting so you can safely move around the room.

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To determine how much light you need, you need to look at the size of the room first. Take measurements and see how your current lighting setup is distributed. If you ever need assistance with adding new fixtures or moving existing ones you can always reach out to experts like Patriot Electric & Generator Service for professional advice.

To determine the right type of bulbs and fixtures, make a list of all the activities you do in this room and what lighting type they can benefit from. That way you will determine whether you need accent, task or ambient lighting.

You can even spread the fixtures across the room so you get a layered light, which feels more welcoming and warmer than a single, powerful light which can cast shadows and seems harsh. The best way to transform your bedroom into a heavenly place to sleep is to use lamps, preferably with lamp shades. They can also serve as great decorative pieces, so you can get creative with the choice.

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Bedside and Reading Lighting

The bed and the area surrounding it are meant to make it easier for you to relax and sleep in style. To make sure you can relax without any distractions avoid using blue lights and opt in for warm white ones. Don’t install the fixtures right over your bed, as they can come off as too harsh while you’re lying down. Instead, try to angle the lighting from the sides to keep it from getting right into your eyes.

If you like to read in bed, you will also benefit from warm white lights, just find a bulb with a high lumen level to avoid straining your eyes. You can even install a dimmer switch as it gives you better control of the brightness levels. If you like reading away from the bed, you can use a reading lamp. You can even add a cutting edge lighting switch in the form of home lighting control. This way if your significant other falls asleep while reading a book, you can use your phone to turn off their bedside light rather than reaching across them to get to the switch. You can learn more about smart lighting control here:

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Wardrobe Lighting

There are tons of decorating ideas when it comes to wardrobe lighting, so use this opportunity to get creative. A light fixture in your wardrobe is great for a few reasons. Not only will it make your wardrobe more accessible, it will also help wake you up in the morning. When choosing a wardrobe bulb, go for something cooler resembling daylight. This will help keep you awake and will let you see the real colors of your wardrobe. In this case, you want your fixtures to be aimed downwards, shining a light on your clothes and not in your eyes. Avoid hanging fixtures like recessed lamps to avoid them coming into contact with your clothes.

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[perfectpullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”#fa3c68″ class=”” size=””]BDB Tip: The best option for your wardrobe are LED lights or strips. They are easy to install and can shed light on your entire wardrobe, no matter its size. Better yet, they last longer than regular bulbs and are much more economical.[/perfectpullquote]

Focus on Vanity Lighting

If you prefer to do your makeup in your bedroom you know how important good lighting is for the task. You will need strong, even lighting around the vanity. You can place the fixtures along the mirror or on the walls at eye level on each side of the mirror. Use fixtures with frosted glass or diffused shade.

As for the color temperature, this comes down to personal preferences. While warmer tones appear more flattering, cooler tones can help keep you awake and focused.

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