Rain Season? No Worries – Here’s How Installing Land Drainage Can Prevent Your Home from Flooding!

Sometimes it’s best to be prepared for the worst! Water leaking into your home during huge rainfalls can be a huge problem for some homeowners. We’ll tackle how you can ward off the flooding and save your home from hefty repair bills!

Catastrophic floods, water damage, leaking homes, and so many headaches are exactly what happened at the start of 2016 in northern England. Weather forecasters repeatedly warned that waterlogged ground wouldn’t be able to absorb any more heavy rain, increasing the risk of even more flooding. So what can you do to prevent this?

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Install Land Drainage


Prepare yourself before another heavy rain season and install land drainage around your home. Land drainage takes away water from the land even before it gets waterlogged and diverts it into pipes or gullies, where it slowly feeds into rivers, lakes, canals and ditches.

For example, where the land is used for sports, or for agriculture, the ground is routinely fitted with perforated pipes, which carry away water before it becomes a problem. Companies such as land drainage from Polypipe.com can reduce the water content in your land and help you save thousands in damage bills.

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Where Does the Water Go?


Initially it goes into spongy, absorbent soil, where it drains slowly into various man-made and natural watercourses and bodies. The bigger the water body, the better for the environment, because this water can be stored and used for irrigation during dry months.

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Preserving the Ecosystem


Slowing down the rate that water reaches rivers and lakes also reduces the levels of nitrates reaching these bodies. The longer these compounds stay in drainage structures, the more they are degraded and used up by plants and soil bacteria, keeping them away from delicate water systems.

So, preparing your property before the first drop of rain even falls is the key to preventing floods. Best of all, good land drainage is a big bonus for the environment!

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