Five Hardwood Flooring Trends We Love for 2014

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Hardwood flooring has never been more popular than it is this year, and it’s not hard to see why! Its surface is stylish and durable and perfectly complements any decorating style. So what does the future hold for this unique and natural style? Here are 5 trends to look out for this year:

Black Hardwood Floors

To create a sophisticated and modern look, why not consider a dark hardwood floor? A great example of this type of style is black European Oak finished in hard wax oil to give it a dark, glossy appearance. 2014 also loves the look of herringbone floors from the same wood and finished in a similar way for a monochromatic, and dramatic look.

black hardwood traditional-staircaseCrisp Architects

Darker Stained Floors

The trend for 2014 is moving away from light colored floors to more darker, richer shades. Think of luxurious American Black Walnut and European Oak stained in a deep Mocha shade. Dark floors not only look more sophisticated and expensive than lighter floors, but they also give your home an enormous face-lift.

traditional-entryGroup 3 Designs

Grey Flooring

We predict an increase of interest in grey flooring, especially in kitchens where a sophisticated and subtle finish is required. European Oak that has been stained to create a pewter effect is a classic example of this look. Also consider wide planked character oak, and remember that the natural grain contrasts perfectly with the metallic look of the grey floor.

Croma Design

Exotic Choices

Sophisticated, and fascinating, exotic hardwood flooring not only looks and feels great at your feet, but it’s also a great bragging right. Who wouldn’t like to tell their guests that their home has durable Tigerwood from South America? Or what about the warm reddish brown or reddish purple hue of the Brazilian Hardwood from Macaranduba?

beach-style-dining-roomKate Jackson Design

A Traditional, Aged Look

A final emerging trend is one in favour of the traditional look. Many modern lovers of hardwood floors like them to show their age. Think of wide planks with scuffs, scratches, tool marks, and that stressed grain pattern that comes with age. Consider a reclaimed pine wood floor from Ted Todd, specially washed to make the grain more pronounced. This look really can never go out of date. After all, hardwood floor have been part of human life for thousands of years and look set for a good few millennia yet.

traditional-staircaseDave Fox Design