How to Achieve the Perfect Front Door Decor this Christmas

It’s that time of year again where everyone is decking the halls, hanging up wreaths, and draping their porches in festive garlands stuffed with ribbons, pine cones, ornaments, glitter, you name it! Everyone loves to take a stroll around the neighbourhood to see the pretty Christmas decorations, so why not make your home the little gem of the town? I’m not talking about making a Christmas light show, but creating a sweet little Christmas scene right at your door step. Here are some tips how:


To give your home that jolly sweet look, wrap presents in plain brown paper and tie them up with plaid ribbon. Hang baubles with ribbon from your front door and write up a festive saying on your kid’s chalk board.

03ba85752435aecd667986e248aae616Mix things up a bit by replacing your traditional wreath with a holiday favorite: Poinsettias. Tie their big red flowers to a cluster of pine cones, garland, and ornaments for a cute welcome home decoration.


Antique lanterns light the way to this entrance but make sure to use electric candles to be extra safe this Christmas!


A short word makes a bold statement! Hang holiday words over your front door to get your family and guest in the spirit even before they enter your home!


Instead of buying pre-chopped trees, give mother nature a hand by purchasing pine trees still in planters. Take a trip to your local garden center and purchase a few medium sized trees to place on either side of your door. Once spring time arrives, you can easily plant them in your garden!


A few yards of ribbon and a couple of baubles can go a long way! Get creative and frame your door with a ruffled ribbon wrapped in led lights, snow flakes and other holiday ornaments.

089b293d8fd2d7a694c4d6d38e721019If you have a front gate to your entrance, hang a lush wreath and spruce up your planters with branches of pine leaves, cranberries and glittery twigs.


This front entrance is comical and sweet! I love the wrapped candies and silly elf feet hanging out from the planter!


If you are aiming for a classic Christmas scene, use traditional holiday symbols for your front door. This homeowner used big gold bells and tied them up with a red ribbon and lush branches. This look is easy and almost all of the essentials can be found right at home!

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Wall decals with a simple “Merry Christmas” are a great way to create a customized look without the hassle. After New Years, just peal them off and voila!

f9d3c927aed00836f00b88e34f85a939Porches and decks are the perfect place to decorate, but make sure you have proper flooring to prevent any accidents when it ices over. Anti-Slip decking is great for colder states that have regular snow in the winter. This will help keep you safe and accident-free this Christmas.

traditional-entry (2)If you have the time and budget, consider giving your entrance door a fresh lick of paint. Candy apple red is a holiday favorite and will catch everyones eye right off the street.

traditional-exterior (2)

Jazz up your planter boxes for the holidays using plants that can withstand the cold weather. Spruce, pine, and fir branches paired with pine cones and cranberry branches are the perfect candidates and won’t dry up all winter.

traditional-landscape (1)

traditional-porch (1)Photos: Flickr, Pinterest, House to Your Home Blog