Add a Finishing Touch to your Bedroom with the Perfect Headboard!

If you are looking for a way to wrap up your bedroom décor the best way to polish it off is with the perfect headboard. Headboards are a great way to complete your bedroom décor and tie together any specific style or theme you may have. Aiming for the famous Louis XVI styled bedroom? Consider a white ornate headboard with gold detailing. Trying out a rustic theme? Use an old antiqued barn door to add a rough country style edge to your bedroom. We have to admit, choosing the right headboard can be a little tricky!

Regardless of the style of your room, make sure to keep in mind these 5 handy tips before going out to shop:

pink piping headboard monogram upholstered diyCaitlin Wilson

Height: There are tones of factors you want to keep in mind when shopping around and one is the height of the people using the bed. Remember that children don’t need a high headboard as an adult would and someone sharing a bed will not need it as wide as someone who sleeps alone. For a touch of glamour and sophistication, choose an exaggerated tall headboard to make your bed the main focus of your room.

traditional-bedroomJanie K Hirsch

Attached or Detached: If you are buying a bed from scratch, choose a divan bed, which comes without a headboard already attached. This way, you can customize it with whatever headboard you like giving you endless opportunities to customize and style yourself.

contemporary-bedroomTobi Fairely

Size: Make sure your headboard not only fits the size of your mattress but also the appropriate scale of your bedroom. A huge headboard can overwhelm a tiny room especially if the ceiling is low or the room is dark. On the other hand, a tiny headboard in a large room can come off looking cheap and off balance.

traditional-bedroom (1)Tobi Fairely

Consider the type: When shopping for a headboard, keep in mind that there are several standard shapes, each with its own name such as Redcliff, Cavendish, or York. Do a quick search on Google to make sure you know exactly what you are looking and shopping for.

eclectic-bedroomKim Armstrong

Materials: The type of material you are planning on choosing all depends on your taste and budget. Solid wood is a little pricey while plywood, or veneer can offer a similar style for less than half the price. With solid wood, you can always sand it down and slather on a new coat of paint or varnish. If you opted to use plywood you can always reupholster your headboard with a cute fabric and gorgeous nail head studs – my fave!

studded upholstered headboard how to nail heads decor diy eclectic-bedroomAlice Lane