Safety First: Turn your Home’s Security up a Notch with these Practical and Stylish Ideas

Put décor aside (for now!) and take the time to focus on how secure your home really is. A few simple changes can do a lot in making your home more secure and won’t mean having to sacrifice your home’s décor for safety. With the nights drawn in and the days now shorter, keep in mind that the festive season is also the most “wonderful time of the year” for burglars! So light up your home to fend off the darkness, check your alarm system and take a few of these practical and useful tips to keep safe this winter:

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Install Outdoor Lighting

The worst thing you can do is make your home a target by not having the space around your home well illuminated. Remember, that outdoor lighting makes a huge difference to not only the level of safety of your home, but also the aesthetic appearance. Small lights illuminating your walkway, around your windows, and also throughout your garden can make your home look bigger and more attractive.

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Choose the Right Window Coverings

Keep a close eye on what can be seen in your home when the lights are turned on at night. In the wintertime, it gets dark before 5 pm meaning your lights will be turned on for an extended period. The worst thing you can do is have everything seen like a window shop display from the road providing a clear view of your T.V, computer, and other expensive items. Make sure to not leave your curtains open and opt for blackout curtains instead of sheer to make sure nothing can be seen through them. I also love the look over roman shades, which are a great opportunity to bring in some color to your space when used in bright, matching hues and patterns.

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Invest in a Good Security System

Better be safe then sorry! Consider investing in a good quality security company to have some peace in mind and fend off even in the smartest burglars in your neighbourhood. A burglar who is looking for a home to target will more than likely opt for the home without advanced home security over the one with.

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Keep Valuables out of Sight

Wall units, cabinetry, and other storage solutions make the perfect place to hold expensive valuables out of sight. Instead of placing your prized valuables on open shelves, having them in a glass cabinet will keep them dust free and more difficult to be seen from outside. You can also lock the cabinets to take even more precaution and discourage your intruders from stealing them.

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