Functionally Chic! How to Design a Small Bedroom

Don’t think bigger is necessarily better – how you decorate with using the available space is far more important than the size of your room. If you are decorating a small bedroom, you want to make sure it is comfortable and stylish without feeling too cramped. Follow our lead for your next bedroom makeover:

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Consider Lighter Colors or 1 Dark Wall

The number one rule to remember is that lighter colours tend to open up a room making it look more spacious, whereas darker colours close up a space and make the room look much smaller. If you have always wanted a dark colour in your bedroom, limit it to one wall, which works great as an accent wall.

Once you’ve chosen the colour of your walls, try and choose all other bedroom accessories in matching or complementary colours. This can result in some kind of continuity which again makes the room appear much more spacious.

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Choose Simple, Sleek Furniture

Bulky, dark coloured and elaborately carved furniture takes up too much floor space and will result in a space that is too crowded and cramped. Modern, light-coloured furniture with straight lines works best in a small bedroom. Choose a bed without an elaborate headboard. Headboards can take up precious space. Instead, add a sleek shelf or shelves or even a few cabinets on the wall behind the bed.

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Use up Your Vertical Space Well

In smaller bedrooms, floor space is a premium. An excellent way to save floor space is with furniture that is sleek and tall. If you can’t find the perfect fitting wardrobe, you can always opt for custom sizes for the right match. Ditch that fancy carved cupboard and instead opt for tall modern cabinet units that will keep your floor area less crammed. Install wall shelves for showcasing your accessories and photographs.

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Open up Your Space with Mirrors

Strategically placed mirrors allow light to bounce around the room, making it appear brighter and more spacious. You can either use one large mirror or you can group multiple small mirrors around the room.

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Create Ambience with Lighting

The lighting you choose can make a huge difference to the ambience of your bedroom. There are several nice options to choose from. Adjustable lighting is a great way to create the atmosphere you want in your bedroom. Bed stand lamps or pendant lamps make a cozy reading light at bedtime. Diffused under-cabinet lighting can fill the bedroom with a charming, romantic atmosphere.

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Avoid Heavy Window Coverings

Definitely avoid heavy drapes in a small bedroom. Instead opt for sleek shades that look modern and elegant and will still keep the light out on those mornings when you want to sleep in late.

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