Create Your Dream Kitchen at Any Age– How to Plan and Style

The kitchen will always be a multifunctional, high traffic space where the whole family will gather to eat, hangout, do homework, bake and cook together. Throughout the years, your kitchen will get the most wear and tear, so it’s important to make it functional and sturdy!

The kitchen design you opt for will obviously depend on the age group of family members and a few other factors. There are lots of ways to make your kitchen durable without sacrificing style. Take a look at 5 current kitchen design trends:

traditional-kitchenJohn Kraemer

Families With Small Children– If you have small children, the kitchen will most likely be a space where conversations and activities take place. Safety, convenience and easy maintenance are a must! Keep in mind that these homes usually require more maintenance, which may dictate how much you are willing to invest.

creative design construction traditional-kitchenCreative Design Construction

Families with young adults– With older children, you may want to be looking for a more live-in value. The kitchen is certainly evolving and as danger-potential reduces, it also turns into a space that is shared for studying and working.

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The Millennials – Homeowners between the ages of 18-34 have the highest demands for their kitchen making sure to have it equipped with all the latest equipment and gadgets. Bar code reading microwaves, TV screens and every other new tech gadget that’s out is embraced!

contemporary-kitchenJohn Kraemer

The BoomersBaby boomers focus largely around entertaining larger groups which makes it a great idea to install a big kitchen island with a breakfast bar. They also love environment-friendly, energy-efficient appliances, as well as flooring or countertops made from natural materials like stone, cork or bamboo.

traditional-kitchen (2)Renaissance Kitchen and Home

Seniors– You may not be too keen on remodelling your kitchen unless for safety and convenience. A kitchen remodelled to make everything within easy reach is a must. The right lighting and altering the placement of shelves may also have to be done to create a functional kitchen for an older age group.

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