A Dream Girl’s Closet and Office in One

Everyone dreams of having a spacious closet filled with designer bags, sequinned dresses and sky high heels. If you have an extra space in your home or are looking to makeover your own closet, you don’t need much to make it feel glamorous.

Repurposed book shelves and storage cubbies can serve as storage space for shoes, handbags, hats, and scarves. If you already have a big space to start off with, place your working desk in the center and work around it with clothing hangers, racks, and shelves showcasing some of your favorite pieces from your wardrobe. Store away pieces you don’t regularly wear and put your prized designer handbags or dresses on display to mimic a glamorous boutique.

I love the featured closet below since it’s so do-able! Most of the furniture and accessories like the desk, chair, mirror, clothes hangers, and bookshelves where purchased at the local Ikea store. With the right eye for detail, this fashionista managed to recreate an affordable high-class magazine editor’s style office and showroom in one! Take a look: