The French Manor – A Posh Style of Living

Today I’m featuring a little architectural eye candy with a few gorgeous French manor houses. If I could custom build my house from scratch, it would definitely look like one of these fantastic homes! A great characteristic all of these homes have is the floor length windows with a balcony – so chic! Don’t think you have to have a mansion to live like a French goddess; most of these homes are solely based on style. A keen eye for design and a few architectural elements with have you saying “bonjour” to your neighbors before you know it!

Fusch Arcitects

Isler Homes

James Martin Associates

Ellen Grasso Inc

Fergon Architects

Island ArchHarold Leidner JagFollyLuxe Crush

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3 Responses to The French Manor – A Posh Style of Living

  1. Anthony Spence says:

    Great collection, I really enjoyed!

  2. Gurjeet Hundal says:


    I am interested in the Ellen Grasso Inc. home that is displayed on your site. Is it possible to get a floor plan for this home?

    Gurjeet Hundal

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