Get To Work in Style – Meagan’s Home Office Tour

Making over your home office is by far the best project you can do this summer to prepare for the productive year ahead. A fresh and organized space full of light is what makes me actually look forward to getting up for work in the morning. Meagan who blogs over at Love Maegan shared her glossy space which she made over in an electric color palette of black, white and pink. I love how she threw in a shabby-chic vibe using vintage storage boxes, an antique painting, and an antiqued dresser. Take a look:

Meagan’s Home Office TourMeagan’s Home Office TourMeagan’s Home Office Tour

Meagan’s Home Office Tour

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5 Responses to Get To Work in Style – Meagan’s Home Office Tour

  1. Bianca says:

    We do have similarities when it comes to color palette, the white and pink. And look at that window area so gorgeous.

  2. Miya @ Design Indulgences says:

    I once blogged about this too and still love looking at it. What inspired me the most is the stacks of magazines and how she topped them like they were glossy coffee table books. Being a huge magazine hoard 😐 , I mean, reader 😉 I can appreciate this.

    • Suzy Q says:

      Hey Miya!

      I once had a magazine hoarding problem too! 😛 What helped me was to cut out everything I liked and put the pictures and articles into scrap books and binders. Now I only keep the pages I really like!


      Suzy Q

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