Decorating With Floral Wallpapers

Next time you get the chance to choose a wallpaper, don’t shy away from colorful florals! Floral wallpapers can do wonders for your home if done the right way.

Instead of painting your baseboards the usual white, paint them a shade that matches your wallpaper to prevent them from clashing with the walls. You also want to get matching fabric which can be specially ordered from your manufacturer along with your wallpaper. If you are too scared to take the plunge, start off with a small room such as your bathroom, laundry room or closet to see how it will turn out.

Another way to play it safe would be to only wallpaper half the wall either above or below a chair rail. If you are on a budget, make large square panels using trim and only wallpaper inside of them. Good luck!

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Decorating With Floral WallpapersEddie Ross