Question to ask a Professional Carpet Cleaning Company

Do you need to have your carpets cleaned? Here are some things you should consider when it comes to carpet cleaning!


We all have carpets at our homes as they bring life into the room. Most of the houses have fine carpeting all around the house. Since it is present pretty much everywhere it is likely to get a lot dirty than other furnishing items of your house.
But just imagine you are sitting on the carpet and you encounter that it has dust in it. It has a couple of stains as well! Will you like it?

Carpets attract dirt daily and stains are quite inevitable on them. Traditional Vacuum Cleaner cannot clean fine dust particles. One may need to carry out the deep cleaning of the carpet over time to increase its usability. 

Do not worry! We have a Carpet Cleaning Company to assist you! Here is a blog that talks about the factors you must consider before hiring a company.  

1. Cleaning Methodology

Different types of rugs and carpets use a different types of cleaning methodology and equipment based on the type of material they are made of. Steam Carpet Cleaning and Dry Carpet Cleaning are the two types of methods used by professional carpet cleaning companies. Steam Cleaning can be used when you have stains on the carpet that need to be removed. Dry Carpet Cleaning is used when we remove only dirt from the carpet and rugs. Always confirm with the carpet cleaning company whether they follow the 5 basic steps of cleaning namely soil removal, soil suspension, soil extraction, grooming, and drying. Keep in mind that steam cleaning requires more time as compared to dry cleaning. Check with them about the drying time as well. 

2. Expertise and Testimonial of the company

Always conduct thorough research about the carpet cleaning company. The greater the experience a company is having, the greater knowledge they will have about the field. Knowledge and Experience are the key factors while performing any job. Always ask the company about their previous work and clients they have worked with. A good company will always be happy to provide you with such information. You can ask them about their response time? How friendly and cooperative the staff was? What were the fees charged them? What was the method used by them for cleaning? It is always good to ask your friends, neighbors, family, and colleagues if they have hired or know any company. This will increase the credibility of the company with which they have worked as they are aware of how the company operates and handles the projects.

3. Credential and License of the company 

Before hiring a carpet cleaning company ask for their licenses and credentials. It is always good to ask for proof to avoid future issues. A good company will never be hesitant to show you proofs. The employee working in the company should also be certified and trained to carry out the operation smoothly. You can always ask the employee about the same. The safety of the employee should also be taken care of by the company and all the employees should be insured. 

4. Charges charged by the company

Before hiring a carpet cleaning company always check the market price. Survey the various company providing these services and enquire about the charges. You should also ask what all is included under the pricing offered by them and the enzyme used for removal of stains, carpet protection application, moving cost of furniture if any. These charges are usually extra. Once you have done this then negotiate the price with the company you have hired to carry out the work for you.

5. Using Green Carpet/ Standard Cleaners 

Always the carpet cleaning company about the cleaner they will be suing. A usually conventional or standard cleaner is widely used as they are cheaper. But today green cleaners are available which are eco-friendly and sustainable. They are safe and skin friendly. They are appropriate for families having kids and pets as they are mild cleaners as you do not need to worry if they roll pr crawl on the carpet after getting it washed.

Summing it up

A professional carpet cleaning company can be of great help as they have expertise on how to tackle such an issue. Take your time to decide which company is best for you. Always ask the above-mentioned things from them.