What Is the Difference Between a Single Hung and a Double-Hung Windows?

A home isn’t complete without a window. A window doesn’t just provide ventilation; it also adds to the beauty of a home!


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It is why you have to do careful thinking when purchasing them for your building. There are several factors to consider when choosing your window. You might want the single-hung windows, or you will want the double suspended window. Keep in mind that both these fixtures offer different benefits. Also, when purchasing them, you have to put in mind the cost, the maintenance, and the energy efficiency.

This piece will be discussing the features of both the single and double hung windows and all the necessary details that will allow you to make a better decision during your purchase. Let’s get right into it. When deciding on the style of the fixture to purchase, there are various types to choose from. However, before deciding on a style to pick, you have to decide between a single-hung or a double-hung.

Single suspended (one sash) windows are very common. They are designed in a way that the top sash is fixed. The bottom sash isn’t fixed so that it can be moved up. They use no interior space because they open vertically.

The double-hung isn’t so common. They are structured in a way that both the top sash and bottom sash can be moved up. This means that you can have two sashes opened at the same time, hence allowing more ventilation. Even though, at first glance, both these windows look similar, they have different features. Get to know these features to make a better choice for your home.

Single Hung Windows Are Very Common

Yes, the single suspended frames are very common. This is because they have been in existence long before the double-hung frames. The exact origin of the one sash windows, i.e., the single hung, isn’t known. However, research tells us that architects and builders began using these fixtures during the 17th century. This is, in fact, the reason why you find them in older and historic houses.

Furthermore, they are far cheaper. They are easier to install as well. The double suspended frame, on the other hand, is more of a contemporary style. They recently started to garner recognition because they are easier to clean and maintain. They are primarily found in newer homes.

Double Hung Windows Provide More Ventilation

Yes, the double suspended frame offers more ventilation to a home. If you are fed up with feeling stuffy in your home, then this frame might suit you better. The reason they offer more ventilation is that both their top and bottom sash can be opened. Single suspended frames cannot achieve this feat because they have a single sash opening.

With the double suspended frames, you can choose to create a recirculating effect. This is so because both sashes can be moved up. You just have to open both the top and bottom sash halfway. Opening both sashes hallway simultaneously will encourage warm air to leave the room. And, once this is happening, at the same time, cold and fresh air is being allowed to enter the room. This is quite remarkable, right?

The fact that the double fixtures allow for both openings is a great benefit. It makes them sought-after and highly recommendable. There are tips here on promoting better ventilation at home.

Single Hung Windows Are More Energy-Efficient

Single-hung frames are renowned for being energy-efficient. The reason for this is because they have fewer moving parts. The fact that one sash can open alone would suggest that they save more energy. As the frame gets older, there is less opportunity for air infiltration. They are structured with energy-efficient glass, insulation, and frames. This saves up energy. And as less air enters your home, fewer bills on your heating and cooling systems. The single suspended windows also prevent moisture from entering your home. As a result, this reduces the risk of mold, water damages, mildew, rot, etc.

The Double Hung Windows are Available in Various Styles

There are lots of styles available for a double-hung frame. This is, in fact, the primary reason why people choose to purchase this particular fixture. During your purchase, you have the option of choosing a variety of styles and designs. This means that you will end up finding the particular frame that works for your home. Keep in mind that the single sash fixture comes in various styles as well. Even though there are mostly used in historic homes, they still come in vinyl, fiberglass, aluminum, and wooden frames.

The Single Suspended Window, if Not Properly Shut, Can Be Insecure

Security is a concern for all homeowners. It is why they opt for the best security fixtures in a home. With window fixtures, the double-hung tends to be more secure than the single suspended frame. If it isn’t properly shut, the single-hung structure can allow for unwanted guests. Whereas the double-hung fixture can be more secure even if it isn’t properly locked. This is because gravity can help to move down the top sash. Still, both these fixtures can be secure. You just have to take proper safety measures.

The Double Hung Window is More Expensive

Of course, the double-hung frames are more expensive. They are valued around 70% more than the single suspended frames. These frames are costly because of their materials and efficiency. They can also be more expensive due to their size and their UV protection feature. So, if you are working with a tight budget, the single suspended fixture will be best suited for you. It is also possible to work with a specialist to fashion other alternatives to your windows and shutter needs.

Take Away

The single and double sash windows are great frames for a home. This is regardless of the aesthetic you want to achieve with your home’s exterior. Choose the particular structure that works best for you. Afterward, research and find a provider that is reliable and reputable. Do this, and you’ll find a provider that can provide you with quality fixtures.