Glass Mosaic Tiles are an Aesthetic Invention Bringing Illumination into Your Homes

By installing mosaic tiles in various rooms, as well as the outdoors of your house, you can add elegance to your home!


Photo: Sheila Rich Interiors, LLC

The history of mosaics dates long back. Archaeologists have found multihued mosaics that are estimated to date back to the second century A.D. in olden days; mosaics were used to portray spirits, mythical monsters and figures, mandala patterns, and so on. We can see mosaics installed in ancient infrastructures, such as cathedrals, mosques, churches, and colossal structures all over the world.

In ancient times, it was used as a symbol for giving tribute due to the exuberance caused by such tiny tiles. Unlike ceramic tiles, glass mosaic tiles are translucent and brighten up the areas which otherwise occur dull and shady. Various kinds of mosaic types include glass, ceramic, non-natural stone, clay, and porcelain, among others. Different types of stained-glass mosaic include mirrored stain glass tiles, block style, large and small brick style, and handcrafted art tiles.

Features of a Glass Mosaic: 

A glass mosaic highly reflective in nature, offering a beautiful visual appearance to a room. Other tile materials, such as ceramic and stones, do not have this property. You can embed glass mosaics on walls opposite to windows. Also, glass does not absorb water, making it an effective option for designing bathroom walls, kitchen, and the area near the washbasin. Although glass tiles seem to be hindering the privacy of a person, there are tiles that multihued, which solves this problem.

A glass mosaic can be used to make innumerable designs. Be it creating a scenery, an image, a portrait, or an impression of someone; glass mosaics are a perfect choice. Different shades and colors are available in the market, and you can easily spark your imagination through such exposure.

* Glass mosaic tiles need a very little level of maintenance and attention once installed. It does not absorb any stains and is easy to clean. Since they do not develop any type of fungus, it is easier to maintain these tiles in comparison to their counterparts.

* Glass mosaics are made up of mineral substances. There is no use of any harmful substances that could harm the environment. It does not contain any radioactive substance. Therefore, using this for your structure is a very wise step.

* These types of tiles are highly durable. They are also resistant to cracking. Various standards are being established so that there will not occur the manufacturing of any counterfeit products of low quality. Stringent approvals from authorities like ASTM International have to be cleared, and the mosaic making company should have a valid certification of the same.

* Various color combinations are available to a massive extent in the market. These tiles are characterized by different factors, including assorted finishes, gradients, solitary color, assorted colors, and many others.

Types of Glass Mosaics: 

The original glass mosaic type that was used was a vitreous glass mosaic. These were mostly used for the development of a swimming pool. Vitreous tiles are plain but are not clear. With the increase in the progression rate of human beings, different types of glass mosaics were made.

Crystal Glass Mosaics – Crystal glass mosaic is a see-through mosaic tile. Designs are made by painting on the back of the tile. These types of tiles are mostly used in churches and cathedrals. As it is susceptible to any weather, it is highly preferred for outdoor purposes.

Stone Glass Mosaics – Stone is widely used as a decorative item. Stone glass mosaics are perfectly blended tiles. A mixture of a stone and glass saves a lot of money and is environmental-friendly too. If you are thinking about renovating your home, you must check Mosaicist architectural mosaics for exclusive service.

Iridescent Glass Mosaics – Iridescent glass mosaic tiles constitute shimmering coatings on the outside surface of the tile. The shimmering material used here is mineral salt. This makes the glass mosaic reflect several colors. This type of mosaic is a great choice for places such as clubs, casinos, and pubs.

Metallic Glass Mosaic – In a metallic glass mosaic tile, tremendously high temperatures are applied, and the color is melted, causing the fusion of the glass and the color. The color gets evenly distributed, and once cool, it offers an amazing piece of art. Metal mosaics are used in kitchen, restaurants, pubs, for a crisp interior look. The design choices are endless for a metallic glass mosaic tile. Also, nowadays, metal glass mosaics are also available in varying shapes, such as octagon, hexagon, brick form, and so on. These types of tiles are durable in nature and are easy to clean. Moreover, a major advantage of installing a metal glass mosaic is that it involves lesser labor costs. This is because the mosaics are already on a preformatted sheet.

Van Gogh Glass Mosaics – Van Gogh glass mosaic tiles are quite similar to the metallic ones. They follow the same manufacturing process. But Van Gogh tiles provide you with an oil paint texture. Also, they offer a look of a painting and are unique and beautiful.

Wrapping up

The vibrant nature of mosaic tiles is the main feature that attracts the customers and makes a great impression on the people who observe them. The different shades contemplate the different phases of our lives and remind us that no matter what, everything around us is beautiful.