A DIY Christmas: Decorating your Home on a Budget

Save big bucks on your Christmas decorations this winter by making your own home-made decorations – some won’t even cost you a buck! Get crafty, deck the halls in style, and add a personal touch to your holiday décor this season with some of our favourite DIY ideas:

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Turn Light Bulbs into Ornaments

The whole nation has gone up-cycle crazy this year, as many homeowners realise the potential of converting waste materials into unique additions to the home. You can have a go at up-cycling when it comes to Christmas decorations too – old light bulbs look great painted in black and white to create a unique penguin bauble, simply add rope to the top and hang from the tree! To make sure they sparkle and shine within your tree, mix them up and place them alongside twinkling outdoor LED Christmas lights.

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Get Knitting

Whether you knit as a hobby or are yet to try your hand at knitting, grabbing some yarn and needles is the perfect way of creating inexpensive Christmas decorations. A popular idea for knitted Christmas decorations is to knit smaller versions of iconic winter symbols such as stars, Christmas trees and even miniature mittens and woolly hats! Our favorite are the knitted candy canes below:

diy ornament knit candy canes christmas holidays tree ideas decorating

Natural Decorations

While real Christmas trees do scream holiday spirit, many people prefer the cost effective (and reusable) appeal of artificial Christmas trees. Even if you do choose an artificial tree, you can still bring the natural beauty of Christmas into your home by making decorations from natural objects found in forests. Pine cones painted in silver or gold paint make great table centrepieces and can even be attached to string to create distinctive tree decorations. Holly leaves and berries are also ideal for making your own Christmas wreath – perfect for hanging from your front door to welcome in Christmas cheer.

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Upgrade Plain Baubles

Many department stores have an wide selection of elegant and beautiful Christmas baubles, however these can be pricey! You can get the same unique design by customizing cheap baubles in plain colors and jazzing them up with glitter, paint, and ribbon! Use your creativity and save big bucks on those expensive decorations you can make at home!