Three Decor Essentials to make your Living Room POP!

The most important finishing touches can make a huge difference between a room you are comfortable in and a living space with character that you can’t wait to run home to! As the room where you’re most likely to spend the majority of your time, your living room should be a place to relax, enjoy, and to spend quality time with your friends and family.

Here’s a quick guide to making a striking impact with your living room’s décor, all in three easy steps:

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The feature wall

We’ve all heard of the famous ‘feature wall’ and the powerful impression it can make upon the ambience of your living room. If you are thinking of including this in your space, keep in mind that a bold wall doesn’t always need to mean harsh or drastic. You can breath warmth into a large room with brightly patterned wallpaper or even a collage of frames to add a focal point to your space.

I recently covered a wall in my office with a bookcase motif from which gave it an amazing old world look. What’s even better is I didn’t have to shell out big bucks wallpapering every wall – it’s not necessary with a bold pattern! Remember that each room should have a focus whether it is your fireplace, television, wall mural, or feature wall.

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Design Manifest

A clash of colours

In this day and age, it’s out with the matching and in with the mismatching. Try experimenting with color and patterns to put a stamp on your home’s style and stay away from cookie-cutter decorating. Going overboard is very easy if you go a bit colour-crazy so make sure to avoid too many striking hues in one space. To avoid ‘competition’ between your furniture and accessories,  keep color to the odd accessory with picture frames, trinkets and cushions.

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Style-savvy seating

When it comes to the focal point of your living room, your choice of seating is the obvious candidate for centre stage. Choosing the right sofa can make or break the look of your space, so shelling out a few extra bucks for a good quality piece of furniture is well worth the investment. Remember that the backdrop of your seating could be your feature wall, so pick something complementary to avoid clashing. I just purchased a comfy fabric sofa from in a neutral tone which makes it the perfect piece to mix and match with my changing décor. With neutral toned furniture you can always dress it up with bold cushions, wallpaper and rugs.

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