Revolution in Lighting: How do Flat Roof Windows Change Interiors

Natural light plays a key role in our daily lives, as well as our health. As a result, flat roof windows are becoming an increasingly popular solution for bringing plenty of sunlight into any type of interior!

As well as improving the overall insulation of rooms, they also significantly reduce the costs associated with artificial lighting.

It is worth bearing in mind that their advantages do not end there – such windows also allow for quick interior ventilation, which is extremely important for maintaining healthy air and climate in the room. In addition, in terms of architecture, they not only add aesthetic appeal but are also a functional element of both the interior and the building façade. Their versatile application makes them an increasingly popular choice for those seeking modern and practical solutions in interior design and building architecture.

What you should know about windows for flat roofs?

Windows for flat roofs are designed for installation on roofs with a pitch of 2 to 15°, which makes them ideal for a variety of roof constructions. Their skilful placement therefore guarantees not only access to natural light but also excellent interior ventilation.

The thermal insulation performance of such windows is crucial to ensure adequate thermal comfort indoors. According to current standards, roof windows must meet strict criteria for the heat transfer coefficient, which should be a maximum of Uw = 1.1 W/m2K. The thermal insulation performance of such windows also depends on the properties of the glazing packages. In addition, the presence of a low emissivity coating on the glazing reduces heat loss while allowing solar radiation to penetrate into the interior.

No less important in this case is the safety of the windows, which should be ensured by the use of toughened outer glass and an optional inter-glazing laminate. In addition, the choice of windows for a flat roof includes non-opening or tilt windows. Tilt windows can be operated manually with a stick or remotely with a remote control. Additional features are also available, such as a rain and wind detector, which automatically closes the window in the event of adverse weather conditions. You can read even more about this type of solution at

What are the benefits of having flat roof windows?

As you already know, these products are an excellent solution for providing natural light to the interior, especially in situations where vertical windows cannot be installed or there is simply not enough light in the room. However, these are not the only advantages associated with this type of solution. So what other benefits are there?

Energy-efficient design

Thanks to their suitable construction, flat roof windows guarantee high thermal insulation parameters. They are available in single-, double- and triple-chamber packages. In addition, there is the option of a special dome.

High security 

FAKRO windows meet the European anti-burglary class RC 2 according to EN 1627. Moreover, these types of windows are also characterised by the highest impact resistance class SB1200 according to EN 1873. Consequently, the installation of such windows significantly increases the functional and anti-burglary safety of the entire building.

Customised sizes possible

In addition to standard sizes, FAKRO also offers the manufacture of non-standard window sizes. The possibility of preparing such a window for an exact, often non-standard size allows you to easily illuminate the interiors and improve the thermal insulation parameters of the building. This also provides unprecedented flexibility when designing a home or office.

Use of additional accessories

Windows for flat roofs significantly improve the functionality and aesthetics of the interiors. You also have the possibility of using additional accessories, which can even be controlled remotely, using a remote control or an application on your phone. We are talking, for example, about awnings or the possibility of opening and closing the window from anywhere in the world! In addition, the windows can be equipped with a special rain detector, which automatically triggers the closing function in case of rainfall.