Elevating Safety and Style: A Modern Approach for Retail and Hospitality

Do you own a small business? Here is how to decorate your space in accordance with safety guidelines without compromising style!


The landscape of retail and hospitality is transforming, with a newfound emphasis on safety and hygiene without compromising the customer experience. As we navigate through these changes, it’s essential for businesses in these sectors to align with the latest safety protocols while maintaining an inviting atmosphere. This guide will delve into innovative strategies that ensure your establishment not only meets but exceeds contemporary safety standards, ensuring both staff and customers feel secure and valued.

New Norms

Adaptation begins with a deep understanding of the updated safety guidelines. This encompasses more than just routine cleaning; it involves a comprehensive approach to social distancing, employee health checks, and customer interactions. Educating your team on these updated practices is crucial, as their compliance and understanding will set the tone for a safe shopping or dining experience.

Social Distancing with Elegance

Physical distancing doesn’t have to compromise your aesthetic. Creative layout adjustments, such as repositioning furniture or using chic, temporary barriers like those from Western Safety, can help maintain space without sacrificing style. Introduce elements that guide customers naturally, keeping them safe while they navigate your space.

Sanitization as a Service

Elevate your cleaning protocols to an art form. Regular disinfection of surfaces, particularly those that see frequent contact, should be your new standard. Opt for high-quality cleaning supplies and make your sanitization efforts visible—this transparency reassures customers that their health is a priority, contributing to a positive environment.

Tech Innovations for Touchless Transactions

Modern technology offers an array of options to minimize contact and streamline operations. From QR code menus to touchless payment options, integrating these tools can significantly reduce physical interactions, ensuring a safer environment. Furthermore, digital solutions like real-time occupancy displays keep everyone informed and comfortable with their surroundings.

Cultivating a Culture of Safety

Your staff are the ambassadors of your brand and the enforcers of your new protocols. Training in your store should go beyond simple procedure and instill a sense of responsibility and pride in maintaining a safe environment. Equip them with the necessary tools and knowledge to address any concerns, turning them into advocates for health and safety.

Transparent Communication

Honesty and openness are your best policies. Utilize every channel available—be it your website, social media, or in-store signage—to communicate the safety measures you’re implementing. This ongoing dialogue with your customers builds trust and demonstrates your commitment to their well-being.

Designing for Safety and Ambiance

Reassess the layout and design of your establishment with a focus on safety that doesn’t detract from the customer experience. Whether it’s reimagining traffic flow or introducing serene, protective elements, the goal is to create a space where safety measures feel seamless and integrated.

Agility in the Face of Change

In a world where change is the only constant, staying informed and adaptable is key. Regularly update your practices based on the latest health advisories and feedback from customers and staff. This proactive approach not only ensures compliance but also demonstrates your dedication to the community’s well-being.


In the current era, retail and hospitality must redefine their operations to thrive. By embracing these innovative safety measures, your business can provide a sanctuary for customers seeking both protection and a pleasant experience. It’s an opportunity to redefine your brand as a leader in safety-conscious service, setting a new standard for the industry.