4 Easy Exterior Home Improvements

Spring is in the air and so is the start of home improvement season!


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In the next several months homeowners everywhere will begin an exterior home improvement project.  Home improvements can range from simple lawn care projects to large scale backyard additions.  However, not all exterior home improvement projects are created equal.  Some are heavy on cost but low on return on value while others are relatively easy and low cost but give your home an immediate increase in value.  These are possible exterior home improvement projects that will benefit your and your family now and give you the best return on investment.

Paint Your Front Door

A surprisingly easy and low cost way to increase your home’s value is to paint your front door.  Over 70% of real estate agents recommend adding a fresh coat of paint to your front door.  This exterior home improvement will cost anywhere from $150 – $300 but will drastically increase your home’s marketability.  Your front door should compliment your home’s existing paint color and style.  If your home is painted a neutral color then it might be fun to add a pop of color to your exterior with a red or vibrant yellow door.  You can also steer clear of bright colors and opt for navy or dark green.  Once you have painted your door remember to take a look at the trim around your door as well as around the windows.  If it shows wear or just needs a quick facelift now is the time to remove chipping paint and repaint your home’s accent areas.  Overall this will make your home look as fresh as the spring blooming flowers.

Improve Your Lawn Care

Everyone is forced to trim their lawn during the warmer months, but not everyone invests in their lawn.  Basic yard care such as fertilizing your lawn or removing weeds can have a major return on investment for your home.  Nationwide basic lawn care has a return on investment of 539%.  This is an incredible number considering lawn care is not that difficult of a home improvement project.  Begin your lawn care routine early by contacting a lawn care company.  If you would like to go it alone, you should test your soil first and then purchase a slow-release organic fertilizer that you can apply to the entirety of your lawn.  Tackle weeds by pulling them or using a fertilizer with a herbicide in it.  You should also aerate your lawn during either the early spring or early fall.  Once your lawn has all of the necessary ingredients to grow thick green grass you should let it grow to a length of about 3 to 3 ½ inches before trimming it.  This height shades out weed seeds and in the hot summer months shades the soil.

Create Outdoor Ambience

Yes, outdoor lights are necessary for safety and security but they are also a perfect addition for creating a relaxed and inviting outdoor vibe.  Exterior lighting additions that involve electrical wiring will require the expertise of a professional.  However, solar powered lights are easy to purchase at any hardware store and easy to install on your own.  Popular solar lights include pathway lights and in-ground spotlights, both of which can be pressed into the ground in an area that receives several hours of sunshine throughout the day.  String lights and hanging lanterns are another outdoor lighting favorite and can be placed anywhere you desire.  These come in a variety of styles so you can choose the best option for your home.  Adding a variety of outdoor lights will create a layering effect that will add a natural ambience to your home.

Upgrade your Landscaping

If your lawn is looking bland or the exterior of your home is dull you may want to consider adding a few landscaped areas.  An area with a fresh layer of mulch can have a return on investment of 536%.  Designated landscape areas add to the overall aesthetic of your home when they are placed around your front porch, along the sides of your house, or in one or more corners of your backyard.  Landscaped areas can be as large or as small as is appropriate for your outdoor area and can be as basic as a mulch area with a few shrubs or an extensive layered flower and decorative area that blooms from spring to fall.  How far you want to take your landscaped areas really depends on your interest and investment in gardening.  Perennials are the easiest plants to add to landscaped areas because they require very little maintenance.  Marigolds, lilies, and lavender require very little care once they are established in the ground.  Add a layer of mulch and a few outdoor decorations or lights and your new landscaped areas will add not only color and interest to your yard, it will immediately add value to your home.

Exterior home improvements do not need to be expensive or overly extensive to add to your home’s value.  The easiest exterior improvements such as lawn care and landscaping take very little time but will dramatically increase your home’s value while improving the overall aesthetic of your home.