Fabric ceilings – Things to Know Before You Invest

Make your ceiling come to life with fabric ceilings! Keep reading to find out more about this interesting decorating trend!


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People have different and unusual ideas about home decor and structure! For instance, a section of people thinks that ceilings are a recent invention. The truth is, ceilings have been part of home decor for a long time. Old European homes got decorated with ceiling art made of linen canvas. People had separate patterns and designs to implement.

Do you think about the inception of the modern ceiling formats? If yes, then it was in the ’70s that people started to see exciting variations and designs. And somewhere around this time, there was the advent of stretch fabric or fabric suspended ceilings. This ceiling type makes use of a specialized polyester fabric that got layered with anti-septic polyurethane. And these elements make these ceilings fireproof and durable. The fabric ceilings comprise fasteners, profiles, and fabric material. You don’t have to spend time making time consuming preparations and complicated calculations. The installation is also fast. To know more about this, you can check out Popcorn Ceiling Removal Philadelphia.

The Advantages of Fabric Ceilings

Are you in two minds about fabric ceilings? If yes, then it’s essential to know the benefits. The crucial ones are as follows:

1. Refined Aesthetics

Simply put, fabric ceilings are beautiful to look at! It adds to the curb appeal of your house. Also, the quality of the fabric is high. Hence, you have access to a high-aesthetics home decor, which will add to the re-sell value of your house.

2. It is a Smart Decor Element

The fabric ceiling won’t catch flames! Hence, it’s an eco-friendly choice you can make. And it is perfect for your drawing room as well as a children’s study room. There is no condensation on the surface. All these elements make it a smart home decor element.

3. It Comes with a Good Product Warranty and Guarantee

The average lifespan of a fabric ceiling is close to 15 years, with minimal to proper upkeep and maintenance. It doesn’t slack, fade, or lose its charm or beauty.

4. The Training Premises

Do you want to paste or paint atop the ceiling? Then it needs to get primed and plastered. You should also take out all the room furniture. The fabric cover gets mounted easily. You need to follow the pattern of the lighting fixtures. And right under the ceiling base things like beams, surface defects, wiring, and the ventilation ducts can stay concealed.

5. Seamless

The fabric ceilings are apt for big rooms as well as small rooms. The stretch of the ceilings is uniform and smooth.

6. Wear Resistance

Fabric ceilings are easy to maintain and clean. The surface is wearing and water-resistant and a few other mechanical damages.

Generally, the fabric ceilings are glossy smooth and brushed. If you want to give your present home decor a face-lift, this is a decent choice. You can choose multiple fabrics. The suede ceilings appear costly; the satin ceilings have luster; the velvet fabrics can muffle the ceiling light and create and comfortable ambiance. Once you know these pointers, it will become easy for you to make a choice.

Ceiling Installation and Fabric Care

Installing a fabric ceiling is almost the same as installing a PVC film! You need to fix the panel in the slots, stretch and mount the ceiling in the opposite direction. The fabric can stretch itself. Make use of a knife or scissor while installing. That way, you can cut the edges and unused fabric. It will give your fabric a uniform look.

You need to get slightly careful about the cleaning part! Don’t use strong cleaning solvents and dyes with toxic chemicals to retouch the colors. It is best to make use of a damp cloth and a high-quality cleaning solution. You can ask the manufacturing company about the best fabric ceiling cleaning solution and use the same. It will keep the fabric smooth and prevent it from becoming coarse or discolored. You should take care so that the fabric doesn’t get damaged. Then you have to invest in a new one, even before it has sustained its predictable lifespan.

The Types of Stretch Fabric Ceilings in Home Interiors

You can choose from a wide array of stretch fabric ceilings for your interior home decor. The notable ones are as follows:

  • Solid ceilings

It might appear formal or ordinary to look at, but complements the room decor and is durable. Here you can choose from the saturated colored fabric. Also, experiment with the natural and artificial lighting fixtures and accessories. The ceiling acts as a beautiful backdrop or canvas that renders beauty and class to your room.

  • Designed ceilings

Here you can choose from the small to the bold prints! There is also a statement-making stretch fabric ceilings with one central image. Usually, if you want a room to reflect a particular theme, opting in for this fabric ceiling is the right choice. You can even combine patterns and add a creative touch to your room.

  • Classic stretch fabric ceilings

When you opt-in for this fabric ceiling type, you can choose from the costly natural materials, calm tones, interesting geometric shapes, and many more. If you want to give your room a distinctive look and appeal, this ceiling type is the ideal choice. You will also find the product inserts and attractive baguettes complementing the ceiling.

  • Hi-tech stretch fabric ceilings

Do you want to boast a minimal home decor with complementing decor items? If yes, choose the hi-tech stretch fabric ceiling. Here you can choose from chrome ceilings to new-age designs that border on minimalism and brevity. Make sure that the ceiling material reflects light and comes in fresh colors, like white, grey, blue, and white. Also, the sheen and glossy surface can accentuate the correct lighting. You don’t have to opt-in for a three-tier structure. It’s better to keep it simple.

The online stores today have several stretch fabric ceilings to opt-in for! You can even check with a home decor expert to choose the best one for your rooms. Now that you are aware of these essential aspects of the stretch fabric ceilings, you can select the one that you like best and is within your budget.

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