5 Easy Ways to Make your Home Warm and Cozy this Holiday Season

As the chilly weather rolls in and the cold air makes us shiver, there is nothing better than knowing you can go home to a warm and cozy home after a long, tiring day at work! Prepare your home for the holiday season by making it a snuggly place to retreat and relax in with these 5 easy steps:

traditional-dining-roomRikki Snyder

Dim your Lights

Your choice in lighting for a room can play a huge part in the resulting feel. If you want to create the ultimate winter haven, opt for dimmer lighting that is low intensity to create an intimate and leisurely atmosphere. There is nothing worse than blinding spotlights during a relaxing late night dinner!

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Place lamps around a room or even install a dimmer switch to your ceiling light if you can. In the evening when darkness falls, light a nice selection of candles on the windowsill or mantelpiece for the perfect winter lighting.

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Choose the Right Color Palette

Pale colours make a room feel cool, so to warm up your spaces choose a color palette of hearty reds, rich browns, and glowing golds. Red is a wonderful and cheerful color and when coated with a layer of gloss, gives off a lacquered jewel box effect. Gold on the other hand is not a sharp color and makes a room cozy and inviting. If you are swaying towards browns, don’t be afraid to go dark- it creates intimacy and warmth.

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Get Comfy

Bring extra blankets, duvets, and throws into your sitting room and go crazy with the amount of cushions you have. Choose large fluffy rugs to adorn your floors so that you never have to get cold feet on wooden or tiled floors. I recently bought a comfy brown leather Chesterfield sofa and LOVE IT – proves you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for style! I love layering on heavy fur throws for a luxurious look and to keep warm on the cool leather.

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Keep the Winter Out

When you spend time making your home warm, it’s crucial that you make every attempt possible to keep the heat in and the cold out! Buy thick curtains in a nice, deep color to help keep the warmth from escaping. Check to see if your windows are sealed properly and aren’t letting any cold air in, as this could contribute to a cold room very quickly. Keep doors shut whenever possible and use draft blockers at the bottom of the doors to keep the cold drafts away. Don’t forget about a heater, this thing could be a huge game changer if we are speaking about keeping the heat in. Check out energy efficient heater for large room and choose your own, this way you could get warm even in the most cold winter.

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Make sure your Home Smells Great

To make your home feel even more cozy, stack together a tray of candles for an extra twinkling of light. Use incense sticks in a wintery scent such as honey and cinnamon to bring a warm and inviting smell to the room. To create atmosphere, there is nothing better than the smell of a real wood burning fireplace so make sure to light up a fire in your room to create a gorgeous Christmas scene!

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