5 Easy Tips for a Budget Friendly Home Renovation

On a budget and renovating your home this season? No worries – you can flip your home in no time with these easy money saving tricks to help you get the most out of your buck! I wish I had someone to tell me these tips before renovating my home and going through a lot of trial and error – one year down the road and at least everything turned out great! Check out these tips on how you can save time and lots of money on your next home renovation:

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Set your Budget

Cost is the most important part of your home renovation, so make sure to set a budget and stick to it, leaving some extra cash at the side for emergency situations. Try getting good quality products for as good a price as possible while staying within your budget. Be careful – the worst thing you could do is buy cheap, low quality products. Remember: “buy cheap, buy twice”.

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Don’t Change Your Home’s Style

If you’ve bought yourself a ‘century’ home, don’t try to modernize it yet stick to the home’s original aesthetic and charm and try to work with it. Many homeowners are buying authentic fixtures, mouldings, and fitting wherever they can find them from flea markets and auctions. You can save big bucks this way and add to the old world ‘look’ you are going for.

A lot of these ‘period’ properties have old sash windows, which keep the property looking “authentic”. Naturally these windows need a lot of maintenance from new steel sash weights or fixing rising damp and mould.

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Hire Local, Trustworthy Handymen

If you aren’t taking on the home renovation yourself, it’s vital to find a trusty tradesman that has a good background and good feedback from previous projects. Try hireling a local handyman that has already done work in your neighbourhood so you can see the results yourself and talk with neighbours to hear their thoughts on his work.

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Don’t Be Afraid to Get your Hands Dirty

Most home renovation projects you can take on yourself so don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty! There are lots of easy DIY tutorials all over the Internet for simple projects you would never think you could do yourself. Installing new curtain rods or lighting, painting walls, and even landscaping around your home isn’t that hard as it may seem. A few simple tools, patience, and an eye for detail can save you money to invest in other items for your home.

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Get the Right Permits

Depending on what it is that you’re changing about your home, you may need to get planning permission. If you’re planning on making changes to the outside of your home, you may need some sort of permit or permission to go ahead with the changes. Even for the most mundane things such as hiring a skip, you may well need a permit, so it’s well worth looking into these things ahead of time. The last thing you need is to go ahead with your reno presuming you don’t need a permit and then run into fines and even demolition. It’s cheaper in the long run to get all the paperwork you need and go ahead with a stress free, home renovation.

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