What Does the Eco Mode on your Boiler Do?

Putting your boiler on eco mode is worth doing, here’s why!


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With concerns for the planet due to global warming heightening, people are recycling as much as possible and campaigns are taking off to ban single-use plastics such as disposable straws. In these times of increased awareness, it’s worth considering what the eco mode on your boiler actually does and whether it could be worth using.

What is an Eco Mode on a Boiler?

When you switch your boiler to its eco setting, preheating will be turned off. If you have your boiler on its regular mode, preheating will be switched on, meaning hot water will be ready whenever you turn the tap. Therefore, with the eco mode, the water will only start heating when a tap is opened. This may sound inconvenient, but it should only take around 10-12 seconds for hot water to start flowing through.

Does eco Mode Benefit the Environment?

Switching to eco mode on your boiler may not save you a significant amount of money, but it will save considerable amounts of energy. All it takes to turn this setting on is to press one button, and by doing so you’ll be helping the environment by using less energy and contributing fewer carbon emissions.

The latest standards say that for your boiler to be “A” rated its ErP rating should be 92% or higher. The ErP (Energy-related Products Directive) rating was introduced by the European Union in 2015 and it measures the energy efficiency of our boilers (among other things). It’s part of a drive to reduce Europe’s impact on the environment and aims to lower our carbon emissions by 20% by 2020.

Should I use Eco Mode?

Whilst having to wait a little longer to get hot water from the tap may seem like an inconvenience, it doesn’t take a substantial amount of time to become available and the energy savings. This will have will help lower your personal carbon footprint.

Ultimately, it’s all about increasing our efforts to reduce the impact we have on the planet.