Mirror Cabinet Maintenance And Cleaning

A clean bathroom is always a priority for people with a good sense of aesthetics!

People who love to keep their personal space organized and tidy spend time maintaining it and keeping everything in its best possible condition. Within the bathroom space, the fixtures and extra accessories always play a significant role in bringing out the best in the bathroom. In the standard fixtures of a bathroom, a bathroom cabinet is something that catches the instant attention once you enter the bathroom. Especially if the cabinet is mirrored, it will be the most eye-catching spot in the bathroom. Mirrored medicine cabinets for bathrooms are highly important to maintain and clean if you want to keep that picture-perfect look in the bathroom every day you set foot in it at the start of your day.

How To Clean The Bathroom Cabinet

Start By Removing The Cabinet Items

Before you plan to clean the bathroom cabinet, take out all the items placed inside the cabinet. Take this opportunity to not just empty the cabinet but also look at unnecessary things that you no longer need and have gone beyond the expiry date. Sort out important things and discard things that are not needed anymore. Clean the items you have taken out and place them somewhere safe.

Next, arrange organizers for your cabinet items so everything can be carefully placed and organized for easy use and accessibility. You can easily find good quality organizers and baskets at your nearest store or online. It is better to have transparent containers as organizers so that you can see what’s inside and easily access everything. Also, get the same organizers for everything and avoid making a contrasting clutter of organizers with different shapes, colours, and sizes. Identical transparent organizers will give the inside of your cabinet an elegant yet stylish look.

Start Cleaning The Interior And Exterior

Once the cabinet is empty, it’s time to wipe down the cabinet surface, shelves, and doors, remove the drawer, if any, and thoroughly clean it. Use a gentle cleaning solution that is compatible with the material of your cabinet. Avoid harsh chemicals, as they will strip down the coat on your cabinet. Especially if you have a wooden cabinet from Wellfor, make sure you use a mild cleaning agent that will keep the cabinet in its original condition without damaging it.

You can also use homemade cleaners with diluted white vinegar, as it is often the main ingredient in the majority of cleaners available in the market. One better way to clean the surface of the cabinet is to put a mild store-bought or homemade cleaner in a spray bottle and spray down the interiors and exteriors of the cabinet. Use a clean microfiber cloth and wipe away the surface. If there are stubborn stains on the cabinet, leave the cleaner on the targeted area for a while, let it weaken the stain, and then wipe it away.

If your cabinet isn’t made of wooden material, use can wash the shelves and drawers of the cabinet as they can easily be detached and attached again. Rinse them thoroughly, let them completely dry, and then attach them again.

Cleaning Medicine Cabinet Mirror

Restoring the shine of a bathroom mirror is a difficult task. Many of us have felt the annoyance of trying to wipe out the bathroom mirror after a hot shower only to discover streaks all over it. After spending a considerable amount of time buffing your mirror, you may be disappointed to see streaks when you take a step back.

Cleaning Products

The cleaning supplies section of your local supermarket should have items designed expressly for use on mirrors. The main component of the majority of these items is white vinegar. A wide selection of dusters and cleaning supplies may be found in this aisle. When cleaning a mirror, a microfiber cloth works wonders.

When cleaning your bathroom mirror, make sure to remove the visible build-up of product and dirt before you worry about streakiness. Everything that has fallen on the mirror, from hairspray to toothpaste, is part of it. To prepare the surface for buffing, gently remove any dirt particles with a cotton pad.

Things To Avoid

To begin, you should know that there are several things you should stay away from. This includes the significance of removing shower steam from your mirror by wiping it down. Although it would be tempting to use the steam to wipe, doing so might actually make the streaks worse. Do not use paper towels to clean your mirror; doing so will create a residue that will make your mirror look dusty and require more cleaning. If you want your mirror to stay in pristine condition, you should never use regular cleaning solutions on it. Just like you would with any other part of your home, you should use caution while applying products to your bathroom mirrors.

How To Clean

Apply the cleaning solution to the mirror once you are ready to start. Spray from a safe distance from the mirror and use a fine mist for best results. As a result, the product won’t get too heavy and start pouring. After you’ve sprayed your mirror, start swiping from the upper left to the upper right corner. The best way to catch any product that falls as you work your way down the mirror is to start at the top and work your way down. Smoothly move from left to right across the mirror, gliding gently.

To make sure there are no streaks left when you finish the task, take a step back from the mirror and look at it from different angles. The key to successfully removing streaks is to use a back-and-forth motion to buff them out. Scrubbing in one spot will only make the streak worse, so try to avoid doing that. Don’t let the cleaning solution dry on your mirror by wiping it in a circular motion. Buff it out right away, no matter what.


With this thorough guide on maintenance and bathroom cleaning of mirrored medicine cabinets for bathrooms, keep your cabinet and its mirror clean and streak-free no matter how long you shower or how closely someone brushes past it. Keeping the cabinet up to date will make your bathroom more welcoming for everyday use.