Where To Install Aircon

There’s no better time to install an air conditioning that right now! Here’s where you should position it in your home!

Have you just moved to a new home in Wollongong, Australia, or are you planning to do so? You have a lot on your plate if that’s the case. While you probably won’t start with that, at some point, you’ll need to install an air conditioning system in your new home, so as to make the summers comfortable and the temperature just right and enjoyable. Have you, however, wondered where to install it?

Installing a new aircon system isn’t a process that you go through only when moving to a new home, though. Your old system might have run its course, or you may be unhappy with the way it is functioning and thus want to replace it. In any case, deciding where to actually install the unit is of crucial importance, apart from choosing the right device and the right professionals to get the installation done. As you’ll see at www.hottairconditioningwollongong.com.au, there are different types of devices that professionals can install for you, with the ducted and the split system being the most popular options. 

Apart from choosing between those most popular options, though, you’ll also have to choose the right location in your home to have them installed, as explained already. So, those are two rather important questions that you’ll absolutely have to get your answers to if aiming at ensuring the perfect temperature in your home during the summer or the entire year for that matter, provided you select the system that can both heat and cool the property.. Answering those questions for you below, I hope to help you get a clearer understanding on the location you should go for, as well as on the type you should choose for your home.

Where To Install Your Air Conditioning?

Let us begin by talking about the location. Do you think you can just choose a random area in your home to have the system installed and that you’ll get the perfect efficiency regardless of the location? If that’s what you believe, then you’re definitely wrong. Carefully selecting the location is important, and so is, thus, taking your time to consider all the significant factors that will lead you toward actually choosing the perfect area in your home to install this system.

Choose a Room You Spend Most of Your Time in

Ask yourself one thing before making any decisions. Where do you spend most of your time when at home? For most people, the living room is the answer. Yet, some individuals spend more time in their bedrooms, or in home offices if they work from home, meaning that having an AC system installed in those rooms as well could be the right solution. Think carefully about which rooms you want to keep cool during the summer, then, as that will certainly help you make the final decision on where to install the aircon.

Go for a Central Location in the Room

Have you chosen the room already? Or rooms? Well, you’re still not done here, as you’ll have to decide on a specific area in the room where you’ll install the system. Going for a central location in any room is the best thing to do, as it will allow for better air distribution and thus allow you to keep the temperature even and comfortable in the whole space. Apart from that, installing the system right above the area in the room that you occupy most frequently is also a good idea. Of course, this also depends on the type you’ll be installing, and if you’re curious about the ducted system, you can go here to check out its benefits.

Consider the Location of the Windows

The windows in your home will also play a part in your decision. Why? Because air escapes through the windows, and that can be a huge concern, especially if the home isn’t properly insulated. Plus, if the system you’ll choose is quite noisy, you don’t want to disturb the neighbours by placing it right next to the windows for them to hear the device whenever it is working.

Ensure Clearance Around the Unit

Another thing to remember is that you should always ensure clearance around the unit. Meaning, no items, including other devices, furniture, or even decorations, should be placed right next or in front of the system. That could restrict the airflow and thus reduce the overall efficiency of the system. So, for maximum efficiency, you should ensure clearance on each side.

Ducted Or Split System Install

Now that you have a better idea about where to put your AC systems in your home, you’ll want to decide between the ducted and the split systems. Both come with a lot of advantages, and your personal preferences will definitely play a role in this particular decision. Getting more familiar with the different systems will, of course, help you make this decision more easily.


Ducted AC systems are a good idea for most households because they can both heat and cool the place. Apart from that, they also tend to be quite cost-effective, even though they will initially cost more than the split system. They don’t produce a lot of noise and they won’t affect the appearance of your home, because you’ll only see the vents.

Split System

There are a lot of advantages of the split system as well, starting with the fact that they are energy efficient. Furthermore, even though you’ll have an indoor unit installed and visible, the designs today are quite modern, adding to the overall appearance of your home. The split system is also easy to maintain and clean, which is another huge advantage.

Understanding the differences between these two systems, as well as the advantages and the disadvantages, you’ll probably get a clearer idea on what works for your specific home. Whatever you choose, though, remember that you should always hire professionals to install your aircon, as that’s how you’ll ensure maximum efficiency. And, of course, regular maintenance will also be necessary, so make sure not to neglect the systems.