6 Issues That Affect Your Home’s Curb Appeal

When your home is up for sale, the curb appeal becomes even more critical as it makes an excellent first impression on potential buyers!


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The curb appeal is the attractiveness of the building from the street. Even when you’re not selling your home, you still want it to look good from the street. Here are six issues that can affect your home’s curb appeal.

The Roof’s Condition

The roof is one of the most critical parts of your home and one of the first things potential buyers notice if it’s in bad shape. Even if your roof is in good shape, keeping it clean and free of leaves and other debris is still crucial. Brown Boys Roofing can inspect the roof’s condition and recommend the best course of action. Some actions to take include:

* Replace missing and damaged shingles
* Clean the roof and gutters
* Trim back any trees or branches that are touching the roof
* Remove mold and moss
* Replace the roof when too old
* Remove snow
* Maintain the insulation

Peeling or Faded Paint

The whole house looks run-down if the paint is in bad shape. You might be able to get away with a new coat of paint if the damage isn’t too bad. Opt for durable, dirt-resistant exterior paint to make future touch-ups easier. White, light gray, tan, and other light colors are ideal choices as they make a home look clean and fresh.

Water damage makes paint peel, so addressing the issue is crucial before painting. Signs of water issues on the exterior of your house are:

* Water stains on the siding or trim
* Doors and windows that stick
* Bubbling or peeling paint

Poor Landscaping

Your landscaping makes a first impression on potential buyers and visitors; keep it neat. If it’s overgrown or unkempt, it makes your home look uninviting. Some easy landscaping tips include:

* Mow the lawn regularly
* Trim the hedges
* Plant some flowers
* Put down fresh mulch
* Weed the garden beds
* Remove dead plants
* Add some potted plants to the porch

Dirty Windows

Dirty windows are an eye sore and can make your home look unkempt. Clean your windows regularly, inside and out. If you have hard water or other mineral deposits, use a window cleaner specifically for that.

Use a squeegee to get the water off the windows and avoid streaking. Don’t forget to keep the window frames and screens clean too. If they’re in bad shape, replace them.

The Siding’s Condition

The siding is a crucial factor in curb appeal, whether made from brick, stone, wood, vinyl, or composite. Each type of siding has its maintenance requirements, but keep all types clean.

Pressure washing is an excellent way to clean most types of siding. You can do this yourself or hire a professional. Be careful not to damage the siding while pressure washing. If the siding is old or in bad shape, replace it.

Cracks in the Foundation or Sidewalks

Cracks in the foundation lead to water damage and can affect the structural integrity of your home. When you notice them, have a professional assess the situation and determine the best course of action.

The same goes for cracks in sidewalks and driveways; they are unsightly and dangerous. Get them repaired as soon as possible. Besides, cracks in the foundation can make potential buyers pause. No one wants to buy a home with foundation issues.

Prioritize The Tasks

Start by taking care of the most pressing issues. If you don’t have the time or money to do everything at once, pick the projects with the most significant impact. For example, painting and trimming the hedges make a big difference but don’t require as much time or money as replacing the siding. On the other hand, a roof in poor condition is a major turn-off, can lead to significant damage and is very expensive to repair or replace. It should be a priority.