A-List Of Decorative Concrete Flooring Plans

It is now possible to get different styles, colors, and patterns on your floor and gerund with the help of decorative concrete!


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Decorative Concrete is a composite that can create exciting effects or cover up old concrete. After covering your yard or ground with concrete, these surfaces are polished and honed, giving them a long-lasting shine and smooth finish on the entire surface. From classic and natural to modern, contemporary, or rustic, there are so many different styles of decorative concrete plans for your floor. With the help of experienced professionals in this line along with the perfect tools, you can get high-end results with all your flooring requirements. A few different types of decorative concrete flooring plans are detailed here.

Epoxy Floor Designs

Epoxy flooring is typically done in industrial areas. This design gives a perfect finish for concrete floors where it will get a thick layer of epoxy coating and then be polished upon it. Services offered by an Austin Innovative Concrete – Epoxy, Overlays, Polished & Stained Concrete also include:

* Concrete Patios and Walkways
* High-end Carports & Garages
* Grass Lawns and Artificial Turf Installations
* Driveway Paving, Repair, and Maintaining Service
* Wall Cladding, Render & Slab Layouts

As this has to be done with an experienced person, you may want to hire professionals in this line for different designs.

Stamped Concrete Design

You can get stamped concrete floors with a concrete services provider, which produces a 3-D effect when stamped on the ground. In this type of design, patterns are stamped over the surface using different patterns and designs, giving your floor a nice texture. The surface is then covered with decorative concrete giving a new look and feel to your home’s outdoor spaces and indoor rooms. Some of the popular designs include leaves, trees, and flowers.

Polished Concrete Surfaces

The polished surface gives your floor a beautiful shine, and it also has the depth of colors to choose from. In this case, you have to use different colors, patterns, or designs and then cover them with decorative polished concrete. This will look and feel like marble on your floor. Depending on your floor design plans, you can choose from smooth or fine surfaces. All simple, bold, or fancy patterns and styles are available in this type with different colors and designs. You can also get a glossy surface when you use some resins to polish them up, giving it a nice shine and the long-lasting effect of shiny floors.

Textured Concrete Designs

In this type of design, different textures are created over the surface, which will give your home a unique look and feel. As texture has to be done with expert hands and tools, this may not be possible for an ordinary person, as it requires some expertise. The texture is done by rolling different patterns over the floor surface thereby giving a new feel to your place. Depending on your wish list, you can get different textures, like stone-like finish, woodsy feeling, etc.

So, which one do you prefer for your home? A professional can guide you in making the right choice.

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