Common Mistakes in Ordering via Plant Delivery

Each room gets an extra beauty and a more pleasant atmosphere when there are plants in it!


Photos By: Unsplash

Besides decorating the space, houseplants are excellent air cleaners and humidifiers (see here which species are great for that). Some species even repel insects and rodents out of your home. They are a tiny part of nature that you bring indoors to further refresh and enrich it.

Buying houseplants online is a convenient way to get the right greenery for your home. In just a few clicks, you complete the purchase process, and the green package arrives at your address in a few days at most. Could it be easier?

Still, hold your horses. Online plant delivery provides comfort when shopping, but it’s not always safe and reliable. You can easily become a victim of fraud, phishing, or data theft. So it is good to know a few things before looking for houseplants on the Internet.

Not Checking the Vendor

Suppose you are encountering online plant delivery for the first time. In that case, you will be surprised at how many sellers offer this option. Some you may have heard of or maybe have a brick-and-mortar nursery nearby. But if they don’t have what you need, you will look elsewhere. You’ll run onto many vendors you’ve never heard of. Then it’s crucial to be well informed before buying.

Some nurseries may have low prices and fantastic plant offer, but don’t let that fool you. Fraudsters often hide behind such deals. Carefully check every seller you choose. Find customer reviews and recommendations on websites made for unbiased thoughts. See what users complain about the most and what they praise.

Take a good look at websites that offer houseplants and see how they seem to you. Avoid online shops that look amateurish, with images downloaded from e-stocks instead of real photos. Also, don’t trust websites that ask you for sensitive information like a bank account number.

Not Considering Climate and Growing Conditions

If you buy plants online, you can expect them to be delivered to your door. Even if you order them from the other part of the country, your package will be at your doorstep in a matter of days. Professionals know how to pack and ship different species. Also, most reputable sellers provide insurance during the delivery of their green goods, so you don’t have to worry about that.

Still, you can’t expect every plant to survive in extreme temperatures, and you certainly don’t want them to die in the process. A succulent that requires lots of sunlight and has a slow bloom cycle will have difficulty adapting to the cold weather and low temperatures. It will probably wilt or not develop the way you want it.

Besides climate, people also neglect the plant’s growing requirements. A fern might look beautiful for a while, but if it grows too fast or disturbs other flowers and trees in your room, you’ve probably made the wrong choice. That’s why you must always read the plant’s description and growing needs. Feel free to ask sellers for extra information to avoid wasting money on a green friend that won’t fit your room.

Neglecting Care Needs

Each species has its own care needs, so choosing a houseplant just by its look is not a good way to go. It must fit into your living space and your way of life. If you don’t have too much time, choose plants that need no frequent watering and fertilizing. These are most often those that don’t have blooms and can withstand a few dry days.

Also, if you have kids and pets, you must choose greenery that is safe for them. It is very easy for them to tear off a leaf or flower and thus potentially touch some poisonous substances. To avoid those risks, be sure to check which plants are safe if animals or children hang around them. Check the list of kid and pet-friendly plants here.

Not Reading Fine Print

Reputable online nurseries operate fairly and transparently. They alienate themselves from liability by noting that the plant you order may differ from the one in the photo. Also, delivery services often provide an estimated time of arrival instead of a specific date. That is why it is very important to get acquainted with their ToS and refund policy.

If there is a problem with the ordered houseplant or you didn’t get the package on time, trustworthy sellers will refund your money. It is necessary to immediately provide them with proof of non-delivery or in what condition the plant arrived at your place. Depending on the situation, a full or partial refund is possible.

Immediate Repotting

When buying houseplants online, you need to ensure that they’re cared for properly once they arrive. There are several common mistakes you can make, and one of them is leaving the plants unpacked for a while. Experts from Planted pot suggest unboxing as soon as possible.

But unpacking doesn’t mean immediate repotting. The plant already ‘suffered’ enough stress during transportation. Maybe you don’t like the container in which your new green friend arrived, but don’t rush. Instead, let the houseplant for two or three weeks to adapt to your room’s conditions.

Comfort and convenience are the biggest benefits of plant delivery. You don’t have to tour local nurseries to find the Ficus you’ve always wanted – just a few clicks, and there you have it. Online purchase is not tiring, but it can be unsafe if you don’t know how to shop.