How To Make The Most Out Of Interior Brick

Modern interior trends are an ever-changing thing, just like fashion and clothing trends!


One of the biggest, interior design offenders was the covering up of hardwood floors with carpet and linoleum. Also, putting up drywall and tile over beautiful brick walls. Why would anyone want to do this? Brick has a unique appearance and texture that never seems to go out of style — being able to fit into most interior designs. If your home, flat, or apartment is lucky enough to have a brick element, here are some ways to make the most out of the beautiful, red masonry. 

Accent Brick

If you have brick elements in your interior, you most likely don’t want every wall and structure to be brick — this takes away from the uniqueness of brick: sometimes less is more. Having a single wall, pillar, or element of brick can add flavor to any room. If your brick is showing any signs of damage or deterioration, contact the brick repair experts of Brickworks Property Restoration at today.

Stain, Paint, or Wash

If the red of bricks is off-putting or doesn’t exactly mesh with your color scheme, you can choose to alter its color and brightness to better fit your living space. There are stains and paint you can buy to alter the color of your bricks to lighten, dampen, or darken them. You can add more layers depending upon the results of the layer before it. You can also limewash your bricks to leave their pores open and whiten them up. Additionally, here is the truth about VOC wall paints and why you should avoid them

Texture Varying

A great thing about bricks is that they have a rough and varied texture. An excellent way to bring this out is to surround your brick elements with smoother textures. By doing so, the rough texture of the bricks and the smooth textures of the other elements can complement each other by bringing out the uniqueness of either one. A different smooth texture can be wood or black tile for example. weight

Frame and Mirror

Not knowing what to put over your brick elements? Picture frames and mirrors are great additions to apply. The lines of bricks compliment the square and rectangular shapes of frames and mirrors while also breaking up the color and texture of the bricks. 

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