Make Sure That Foundation Drainage System Is Working at Its Optimal Efficiency

Exterior and interiors drainage systems have the same purpose: to collect rainwater that’s close to your foundations and direct it away from your home.

Water is naturally on the earth’s surface, surrounding your property. When it’s absorbed into the soil surrounding your property, it moves through the drainage system into the ground. Water flowing towards your house can cause your foundation to settle. It can also wear away the exterior of your home by eroding into the underlying soil.

Hire Experts to Save Drainage System:

To save on future foundation drainage system repairs, it’s a good idea to hire exterior drainage Florida experts. Many companies will gladly offer free estimates. Before you make your final decision on who to hire, make sure that you take the time to look at some of the exterior waterproofing experts’ reviews online.

Most of the time, people will write these reviews after experiencing their success with the company. You don’t want to hire just anyone, especially if you don’t know anything about waterproofing. Always remember that hiring an expert will make sure that your exterior drainage system is working at its optimal efficiency.

Basement Floor Drains

A basement floor drains away from the exterior drainage system. A basement floor, exterior drainage system, and a sewer drain connect the exterior system to the sewer system. The way you install your sewage treatment plant or septic tank can affect how your basement floor drains away from your property. So, you want to be very careful when you install anything down there!

Exterior Plumbing System

Most homes have a series of exterior drainage system pipes along the exterior walls of the house. These exterior plumbing lines are installed so that water will drain away from the home and into the ground. If your foundation walls were built with soil-filled around them, the pipes in your exterior plumbing system may not be able to drain away. This can lead to damage to your foundation walls. If you have a leach field, you also want to make sure that you keep it well maintained to avoid it from being clogged and backing up.

Soils that have been damaged by storms may fill the outside of your exterior drainage system pipes. This water will get pushed right up onto your exterior walls if your exterior drainage system is clogged. If the pipe gets backed up by the soil, water can get through at the sides of the pipe because it’s only having so much water in it. The excess water then breaks up as it moves through the pipe and can cause damage to your exterior walls.

Add a Layer of Concrete

The best way to solve this problem is to add a layer of concrete to the exterior drainage system. Once you’ve finished building up your basement, make sure to block off the area around your foundation. This will help keep any water away from the exterior walls and towards the soil below.

Perforated Drain Pipe and Fabric Materials

Some of the best materials to use when you have a trench drain system are perforated drain pipe and fabric materials. A perforated drain pipe will allow water to move easily out of the house while at the same time keeping soil from backing up into the basement. Fabric materials like tar paper or asphalt will allow water to move easily out of the house while also protecting the foundation from moisture damage. Both of these types of material will keep water from backing up into the basement. However, you need to make sure that your drainage system is working efficiently.