You Guessed it: The Perfect Front Door Can Make or Break Your Home!

wrought iron glass front door entrance mansion

Whenever you pass by a house, what really stands out and catches your eye is the home’s front door. You can create big time curb appeal with huge double doors and nice shiny hardware. If your lawn has undergone a makeover but you just can’t seem to wrap it all together – it could just as well be that you don’t have the right set of doors! We’ve got the 101 on finding the right door for your home in a snap!

double door wrought iron entrance marble decor

One of the most important things is to find a classic door design that is made with high quality and durable material – you definitely don’t want to cheap out here! Oak doors are a good choice for a traditional look, and are easy to fix up when wear and tear starts to show through.

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Oak doors are also great for customization – you can sand them down and paint them whichever color you wish, or slather on a nice wood stain. You can add glass panelling, molding, and a wide range of hardware to give you a customized look that fits in perfectly with your home.

black gold front door knockers

The beauty of choosing a simple design is that it won’t overpower your home especially if you have already have a busy exterior like for example, a Victorian designed home. All you may need is a bright colored door to really make it pop!

bright yellow front door victorian

Go to your local hardware shop and choose a nice, bright color that will make your front door inviting and eye-catching. I love the look of a candy apple red, or even a nice fuchsia door can look pretty without feeling too feminine. A deep purple also makes a strong impression especially on a small home. If you want to make your home look more open and spacious, a clean off-white color will add a minimalist feel and won’t close up your home. Other earthy colors like pale blue, maroon, taupe, or a nice wood stain create a warm, bohemian feel.

mansion double doors

Pay attention to your door’s hardware like the doorknobs, mail slot, kick board, and any wrought iron door furnishings like a design in the glass. Find heavy, sturdy doorknobs that stand will stand out and look impressive. Depending on the style of your home, you can choose from various forms of brass, metal, and aluminium. I personally like the look of brushed brass – anything shiny looks a little cliché and doesn’t do it for me.

green front door gold mail slot kickboard

If you are concerned about heat retention, oak serves as a really good insulator, which is great for chilly winters and hot summers. It also withstands a lot of force and ensures that sound doesn’t leak between rooms. So crank up the music without worries – the neighbours won’t hear a sound!

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Cast Iron Radiators are Back and More Stylish then Ever!

modern dining room apartment glass table radiator alluminum chandelier decorating lucite furniture

Do you have a cast iron radiator in your home? You’re already on trend for this season! Every home needs good heating and there’s nothing worse than going into a home and feeling cold. Every home should be cozy and warm and there is no better way to circulate heat throughout you home than with the use of radiators.

When we say radiators, we aren’t talking about those awful boring 1970s style radiators that end up disfiguring a room. We are talking about classic, cast iron ones. Opt for cast iron over steel, here’s why:.

french bedroom high ceiling urn decor porvincial louis queen anne chair moulding better decorating bible blog persian rug ornate furniture

1. They Fit in with Any Style of Home

Cast iron radiators are not only for old style homes. They work really well even in most modern rooms. You can spray paint them any color, and they come in quite a few different styles. This way, you can style and customize your radiator to perfectly fit in any room in your home.

pink painted cast iron radiator decorating dining room eclectic

2. You can Choose Beautiful and Ornate Models!

The biggest reason to opt for cast iron is that it looks so nice, especially the ornate ones. Of course, you can buy them with plain sections, but I love the ornate ones. They really do add a touch of class and luxury to a room. You can also buy custom made ornate covers so your radiator can double as a mini shelf!

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3. You Can Sit On Them

Actually, you should not really sit on your cast iron radiator, but nothing beats leaning up against one with your bum resting on the edge with a hot drink in your hand after walking the dog. Most cast iron radiators come with legs and wall brackets, so they sit on the floor and will easily take the strain of being leant against provided you are careful.

sunroom radiator decor palm tree stone wall decorating

4. They Give Off More Heat

Cast iron heats the surrounding air far more efficiently than the metal used in modern radiators does. They take a little longer to warm up, but once they do, cast iron rads work more efficiently and stay warm for longer. Numerous studies have shown them to be more energy efficient.

blue striped bathroom chandelier cloud ceiling better decorating bible blog ideas radiator cast iron

5. These Radiators are Built To Last

Cast iron is sturdy and lasts almost forever! You will not find rust coming through the bottom after 18 months, which happened to a friend of mine who had modern radiators installed. I have come across great looking examples that are over a hundred years old.  This homeowner installed their radiators into their window seat which is a great way to use up your space wisely.

radiator under window seat decorating

6. Extremely Low Maintenance

The only reason you are going to need to paint your radiators is to make them blend in with a room’s new decor. They require virtually no maintenance and are far easier to keep clean too.

However, you need to be aware that the polished ones are actually higher maintenance. They need rubbing over every couple of months with WD40.

paisley blue ceiling wallpaper

7. You can Easily Customize Each Radiator

Some innovative firms like have started to offer their customers the option of bespoke radiators. This is am ingenious idea where each radiator is built specifically for each room and customized to fit in perfectly. Their radiators are built in sections and can be built to any length you want, depending on the size of your room. You can also choose the type of pattern and finish, which is perfect for a customized, and unique look – no one will have a radiator exactly like yours!

old house wood paneling wallsPhotos: Architectural Digest, HGTV, Houzz

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