Decorating with Carpets – Here’s the Right Way to Choose a Rug!

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Choosing the perfect carpet for your space is tough – and it can surely make or break your room! Believe it or not, there are a few rules when it comes to carpet shopping. Don’t just roll out a funky rug just because it caught your eye, you are surely headed for disaster if you haven’t taken these few things into consideration! Keep reading for some of my simple tips that ought to save you lots of money and time:

Use Rugs to Define Living Areas

Are you looking to define a specific area? If you have an open-concept layout, use multiple rugs to separate areas such as your dining room and living room. Quick tip: To avoid making your space look small or choppy, choose a huge oversized rug that spreads over the whole space and goes underneath your furniture. It’s okay if your sofa’s legs cover part of the carpet!

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Turn a Room Up or Turn Down!

Is your room missing some oomph of color? Turn it up with an exciting colorful rug! Is your damask wallpaper looking a little too busy? Then settle for a muted, solid colored rug. Whatever your situation, keep in mind that a rug can quiet or turn up a room’s volume if needed.

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Choose the Right Material

Keep in mind where you are placing your new carpet. Is it a high traffic area that will get lots of wear and tear? Or is it a room that’s a little neglected otherwise only used for special events? Keeping this in mind will really dictate the type of material carpet you should buy. Stay away from any natural fibers or rugs that have been vegetable dyed for high traffic areas – these will definitely not last long. Synthetic rugs with a low pile are easy to clean.

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Hang up a Carpet as Art

I have an old antique Persian rug at home that’s just too beautiful to place on the floor. Instead, I mounted it on the wall as a beautiful, unique piece of art! This is a different way to decorate your walls and it looks amazing especially if you have a rug with a picture woven into it. The rug below doubles as a huge headboard!

mediterranean-bedroom tapestry as headboard better decorating bible blog rustic styleAnn James

Layer Your Rugs

Using multiple rugs layered on top of each other is a trend that’s been around for a while. To do it right, layer a decorative, colorful rug onto a muted, solid colored rug. My favorite look is placing a zebra hide over a beige sisal rug. It really gives a wild, safari type feel to the space.

layered cow hide rug sisal rug living room better decorating bible blog leather couch cathedral ceiling antlers on wall country rustic ranch style cottageArchevie Design

Try Different Shapes

A carpet doesn’t have to always be a boring, rectangular shape. Instead, let the furniture in your room dictate the shape of your rug. If you have a round dining table, perhaps a huge round rug will work well. Or if your sofa and seating is arranged in a circular placement, a circular or oval shaped rug may work as well. Play around with your options and see what fits in best.

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How to Decorate with Indoor Plants – 7 Tips and Tricks from the Pros

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Decorating your home or office space with indoor plants is one of the BEST ways you can make your space instantly refreshened, lively looking and uplifting. A little greenery and a few flowers in eye popping colors can work miracles in a space and make a HUGE difference without spending a ton of money. From a nice bouquet of roses, to a whole greenwall of goodness, indoor plants are definitely the best step to transforming your space quickly and without too much hassle.

Now don’t go shopping and buy a ton of random plants – we’ve got seven tricks from the pros so you can do it right and make your home look hip, stylish, and instantly revitalized!

1. Incorporate it with Your Tableware!

Instead of settling for a huge bouquet of flowers in the center of your dining table, scatter a bunch of tiny plants for an even better effect! Bigger doesn’t always mean better – a whole collection of tiny plants create even more interest and work well with your tableware. Use small science tubes to place single stems of flowers and tiny bowls where you can plant succulents or cactuses.

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2. Use Just One Single Leaf!

Who said you need the whole tree? One single leaf makes a great indoor plant that takes seconds to arrange and can be done by just about anyone. If you want to create a tropical vibe in your home, cut off a leaf from a exotic tree and place it in a oversized glass vase. Palm leaves and even banana leaves work perfect for this kind of look!

entrance beach house chinese asian inspired stairs railing better decorating bible blog interior decor palm leaf in vase

3. Consider a Whole Tree

Small plants are great, but a huge big tree is even better! Believe it or not, a big tree is even easier to care for then smaller plants. Usually small plants need tons of light, love, care, and watering! If you are lazy and possibly away from home a lot, consider purchasing a big palm tree for your home. It’s much more durable and doesn’t need frequent watering. Plus, I love how it brings in a beachy vibe inside your home even if you may not be in a exotic location!

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4. Place Moss Around Your Plants!

We all know that fresh, store bought soil looks nice when you first re-pot a new plant. That soil doesn’t stay dark brown forever and usually dries up and fades to a lighter shade. A quick work-around is to place moss around your plant. Not only does it look so much better, but it helps retain moisture and air around the roots of your plant.

modern hallway plant pot covered with moss better decorating bible blog artistic chandelier white walls interior design 60s style

5. Spice up Your Dressing Room with Flowers!

Even neglected, low traffic areas like your closet need a little color! A nice display of mixed flowers is the ideal way to bring a dark space like your closet to life. If you have the luxury of having a bigger closet with a small island in the middle, place it right under a low chandelier to make your flowers stand out. Since your space may not be getting a lot of light, artificial blooms may be the way to go.

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6. Match Your Plants to Your Decor

If you have decided on a bouquet of flowers, a easy way to make it work is to tie it in with your existing decor. Does your space have pink cushions? Match them with pink roses! Do your windows have long yellow drapery? Consider a nice bouquet of yellow tulips! Take cue from this lovely dining room; the designer matched up red flowers with the reddish tones in the chairs and carpet.

dining room bohemian persian carpet long wood table red white chairs built in bookcases in wall big house honey colored flooring better decorating bible blog artistic lamp chandelier

7. Add a Jungle Wall Mural!

If you want to really go all-out with ceiling to floor plants you can get the look with a painted wall mural. Wall murals are great, fun ways to incorporate exotic scenery you may not have around your home. You also don’t need to worry about choosing a specific wall color or even wall decor – a mural does all the work for you! Choose something plant-inspired like this jungle wall mural or even a floral motif would work great! This designer even painted the ceiling blue to mimic the sky – what a fun way to spice up a otherwise boring space!

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