Obsessed with Glass: How Interior Designer’s Are Using Glass to Decorate From Ceiling to Floor

Decorate with glass this season for a light, airy, and transparent look that’s super hot right now on the decorating scene!

glass tiles stacking cubes bathroom decorPhoto: Gerber Berend Design Build Inc.

Designers are absolutely obsessed with glass this season. Why? It achieves a look that absolutely no other material can achieve. It makes a home look sleek, modern, stylish, and opens up a space making it look huge! Using glass in interior design has become the most successful way to literally transform a home overnight. The immediate benefit of the material is its transparency, which allows designers to create a minimal space that focuses on clarity and simplicity. Here’s some of the ways you could incorporate GLASS into your home:

Encouraging Natural Light

Natural light plays a huge part in interior design, and by using glass the right way you can literally control the way your home looks and feels. When designing a space that you spend a lot of time in, like a home office, you’ll want to encourage as much natural light as you can since research suggests this can affect a person’s mood. Use full-height, frameless, glass sliding doors to accentuate the amount of light pouring into a room.

glass walls home office how to sleek natural light better decorating bible blogPhoto: Axis Mundi 

Dividing Sections of Your Home

In the last while, interior design has really been encouraging open layout spaces. Since most homes and apartments in big cities are getting smaller, open layouts are the perfect option to make a home seem bigger than it really is. You can still divide up certain sections of your home using glass partitions as an alternative. Frosted glass or panels with grid-lick patterns will keep your home from feeling claustrophobic but will still give you some privacy.

Creating a Floating Stairway

A glass staircase is without a doubt glamorous and luxurious, but it also has practical benefits. Glass staircases are much easier to clean than traditional wooden ones. Dusting and cleaning is as simple as wiping it down with a regular floor detergent. Even the balustrade fixtures that keep glass securely together provide safety but they are super sleek, so they don’t block off natural light sources like heavy wooden banisters.

Using bigger windows

Large, expansive windows do wonders to a home by maximizing your space, breathing light, and by bringing life in your home. If you have a garden it is well worth considering larger windows that overlook it, to give a sense of being outdoors even if it’s too cold to venture out. Think about modern window fittings that provide you a front-row seat on the sunset, falling snow, and changing seasons. Pure bliss!

tuscan decor dining room large window overlooking poolPhoto: Studio William Hefner

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South Carolina Home Tour: Take a Rare Glimpse Into This Italian Inspired Waterfront Villa

An expansive South Carolina mansion brings Italian architecture, and décor into the heart of Hilton Head Island.

mediterranean mansions exotic palm trees driveway columns villa ideas

Let’s warm things up a bit with a surprise home tour feature of this massive Italian inspired villa on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. Talk about a dream home and a lifelong vacation – this beautiful estate has everything you need and so much more!

mediterranean exterior mansion columbs better decorating bible blog

The home was designed by Denise Stringer who took inspiration from the Almalfi Coast, a sunny coastline along the southern edge of Italy’s Sorrentine Peninsula.

heavy wooden doors mediterranean mansion house entrance wood exotic dark better decorating bible blog home tours ideas

Now this home (or should we rather say estate!) isn’t something ordinary, the relaxed exteriors bring you way back to Italy’s leisurely slow paced lifestyle of warm weather, great food, good company, and beautiful scenery!

grand entrance mediterranean mansion house entrance wood exotic dark better decorating bible blog home tours ideas

Step inside and you’re guaranteed to be wowed. The entrance is downright impressive and so welcoming! The wrought iron railings are custom made to look like vines and to further mimic a traditional, Italian style home. Talk about clever details!

mediterranean-living-room traditional bombay indian decorating style ideas

In the living room, the high ceilings and open-to-below feature make the space airy and full of light. Another great staple of good architecture in hot weather, the higher ceilings the better and the cooler your home will be. Etched granite floors and carved stone columns tie the whole look together making it look impressive and built-to-last.


Throughout the whole home, you will notice that most is designed using earthy, natural tones. No fuchsia eye-popping hues in this home! The designer did an amazing job mimicking a Italian country style home that looks like the perfect place to raise a big family. Almost all of the walls have a faux stucco finish, which makes the walls look a little rustic and rugged, a staple element in Tuscan homes.


The first floor bedroom calls for a magical design moment – romantic country chic furniture mixed in with rustic Mediterranean walls and flooring. This ingenious design gets the best of both worlds and really makes an artfully tailored guest room.

mediterranean-bathroommediterranean-porch (2)mediterranean-porch

The culture and style of living in the Mediterranean calls for a lot of dining alfresco, and enjoying the outdoors as much as possible. Designer Denise Stringer made sure to make this point by arranging a lot of outdoor spaces for lounging, relaxing, eating, get togethers, and simply enjoying the fabulous Southern Carolina surroundings!

mediterranean-pool slide dream home backyard

This is without a doubt a hot property! What makes it even better is the little touches that bring it from bland to a stunner! Simple projects such as luxury landscaping which is super important to homeowners or buyers, a new front door, even adding intricate moldings to windows are some things that really improve your curb appeal.

mediterranean pool backyard porch exotic dream home

When we say imagine your dream home, I think we’ve got it right on the bullet! Stay tuned for our next home tour on
Leyla Milani’s diva-like mansion in Newport Coast, California!


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