A Project Management Checklist to Help You Plan Your Construction

Looking for the ultimate project management checklist? Look no further! We will go through everything you need to start building your project without leaving anything out.



Whether you’re a contractor or a DIYer, continue reading to be sure you can check everything off your construction checklist.

Create a Project Management Checklist

Your first step before building anything is going to be creating a project management checklist and creating a project management plan. You need to be sure you have everything you can think of written out before you buy, build, or do anything.

Write Out Everything You’re Building

Make a list of everything you’re going to build. For example, if you’re building a house make a list of how many bathrooms, bedrooms, etc so you can get the right materials. If you’re building an office building, take note of the types of elevators you’re building, and how many staircases you’ll have. Once you know everything you need to build, you’ll be ready to get your permits.

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Set a Budget

Before you spend any money on your project you’re going to want to assess your costs and set a budget. It can be very easy to go over budget if you’re not paying attention to the cost during the building phase. Whether you’re building for yourself, or hiring a contractor to build for you, set a budget and stick with it.

Set a Timeframe

Another important aspect of your project management checklist is ensuring you have a due date for the finished project. Setting a timeframe sets the expectations and holds you accountable to get the work done. Most construction projects take longer than anticipated, so be sure to include some wiggle room in your timeframe.

Check Permit Requirements

Look into your local ordinances and check what type of permits you need. You don’t want your project to get shut down because you lack the building permits. Call your local township to ask how to get permits for your specific location. Also, be sure to tell them what you’re building so they can tell you everything you need.

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Decide Building Materials

Now that you know what you’re building, and that you have the right permits for them, you need to decide what building materials you’ll use. Check with your suppliers to see if you should buy materials now, or wait and buy later. Sometimes it makes sense to buy materials early, and sometimes it makes sense to wait and buy materials right when you need them, depending on the start date of your project. Be careful though, you don’t want to order materials too far in advance of starting because you’ll have to be mindful of storage space.

Start Building Today

Now that you have your project management checklist crossed off, it’s time to start building. Bookmark our blog for more construction planning content like this. If you have any questions while building with us please leave a reply below.

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