Million Dollar Floors On A Budget: The Easy Way Re-Finish Your Hardwood Floors

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Wooden floors have become more and more popular across households in recent years down to their beautiful finish, easy maintenance and long-lasting quality. Overtime, like anything, a wooden floor can lose its panache and need a desperate makeover! With a little knowhow and effort, it’s easy to rejuvenate a hardwood floor back to its best, offering the perfect complement for any home.

Today I’ll show you just how easy it is to get that ‘Million Dollar’ look on a budget!


#1 – Preparation

Start by removing everything from the room you are looking to refinish. This includes furniture, window treatments and wall hangings as well as closets and wardrobes.  You will also need to cover light switches and fittings, electrical outlets and skirting boards with masking tape in order to protect them from damage during your floor reno project. Make sure to vacuum the floor to remove any dirt and debris that may have accumulated. Your floor will now be ready for sanding.

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#2 – Sanding

The purpose of sanding a floor is to level off any irregularities as well as restore the desirable grain and features of your hardwood floor.

Use a drum sander to remove the dirt and old stain that will have already been applied. It’s important to keep on the move when operating in order to maintain a regular and smooth finish and avoid gouging the floor.

Work slowly and start the sander with the machine titled before lowering on the surface. Grit progression is also key so, start with a coarse grit before moving to finer grit in order to get that smooth finish.

  1. Start in the centre and sand from one end of the room to the other, overlapping passes slightly.
  2. Once the main portion has been sanded, use a smaller hand sander or sandpaper to work areas the drum didn’t.
  3. Repeat the process for every grit change and remember to clean and vacuum the floor thoroughly after every grit change.
  4. Work from 20 to 60 grit ends ending on 120.

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#3 – Staining your Floor

This is where you floor will recapture its former beauty. Choose a trusted wooden floor lacquer or hard wax oil and follow the simple instructions provided. A number of even coats will help protect and restore the appearance of any wooden floor.  Check drying and standing times and don’t move back furniture and fittings until the floor is completely dry.

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It’s easier than you may think to rejuvenate and restore your wooden floor to its former glory and, with our simple tips, you can have a floor that is truly one in a million.

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