DIY Friday: How to Update Old Bedroom Furniture

If you are shopping around for dressing tables or chests of drawers, you will quickly find that that are pretty expensive, especially if you are looking to invest in good quality bedroom furniture. Instead of purchasing a brand new set, set aside some time to give your set a face-lift. Here’s an easy diy project to transform a tired, wooden chest of drawers into something stylish:

Step 1: Sanding

If you’re not precious about the existing finish of your drawers, then you could partly sand them down for a shabby chic look. Or, you could do the job properly and you’ll be left with a smooth surface to paint on. To get the job done quickly, use an electric sander and it’ll be done in no time.

tv stand dresser sanding (1)

Step 2: Repairs

For minor scratches that still remain after sanding, cut a Brazilian nut in half and rub onto the damaged area; the nut oil will help conceal the imperfection. When the nut method doesn’t cut it, use a wax stick instead and apply it in the same direction as the grain of the wood. For dents, remove any surface varnish with white spirit and press a wet cloth against the damage, leaving it there for a few hours. When wet, the wood will swell, therefore reducing the appearance of the dent.


Step 3: Painting

It’s important to choose your paint wisely if you want to achieve a certain effect. If your bedroom is fairly plain elsewhere, a striking design on a chest of draws will bring the room to life. Try picking an accent color and painting each draw in a different shade, starting with dark and fading to light, creating an ombré effect. If you’re stuck for inspiration, check out this Pinterest board for more ideas.


Step 4: Hardware

If your drawers have handles, then switching the old ones for a new, more modern style will add the perfect finishing touch to your DIY project. It’s worth noting that the Handle Store has some great ones! For a girly effect, crystal handles are lovely as they almost sparkle when they catch the light. For a rustic feel, black antique style ones work well, and they’re often pretty timeless. Adding a glass top to a set of drawers is also a good idea for making them look much more polished and chic.


Step 5: Dressing

Dressing the top surface of your drawers can help to make even more of a feature of them. If you’re going for a simple look, add a bunch of bright daffodils in an interestingly shaped glass vase. If you need the storage space, then add another DIY project to the mix and place a jazzed up tray on top to house your trinkets. For a simple yet girly vibe, follow this tutorial for making your own sparkly white tray that’s great for laying your statement necklaces in – pretty and practical!


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  1. steve Jones says:

    I am a painter and decorator checking out decorators websites so I can get some ideas for my site. I really liked your site. And you’r cute as well
    Regards, Steve Jones

  2. Amie says:

    Hi, I love what you did to this dresser. I am in the process of doing a dresser myself. Could you share your paint color and the exact pulls? It’s for a nursery and this is JUST how I want mine to look!


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