9 Clever Tools Every Better Decorator Needs


If you’ve just decided that you need to redecorate your home for fall but you find yourself overwhelmed by the amount of different tools – then its time you get yourself a basic tool kit. With these basic tools, you should be able to tackle every type of job that comes up around your house, such as putting up a picture or doing a bit of reupholstering.

Become a pro with these top tools every homeowner and DIYer needs:


This is an essential tool to have, whether you fancy yourself as a decorator or not. From hammering things in to pulling them out to tapping things into place, a hammer is invaluable. It should be long and lightweight for ease of use.


You need both a Philips head screwdriver and a flat head one. A Philips head screwdriver is one with a cross shape, and will come in handy on a regular basis. A lot of flat-pack furniture will need this type of screwdriver so get a few different sizes to fit different screws.

Tape Measure

You might think that a tape measure is only necessary for building furniture, but in actual fact, being able to measure things comes in very handy. From making sure that the bed you’ve got your eye on will fit in to measuring the length of your curtains, a tape measure is an indispensable tool.

Utility Knife

A utility knife has all sorts of applications, from scraping paint off glass to opening parcels. Once you start decorating, you’ll be lost without one.


If you need to hold things firmly, pulling or even bending metal, then you’ll need a pair of pliers. It’ll even come in handy for things like necklace breakages.


An adjustable wrench means that you can loosen any size nut, as using a pair of pliers simply strips the edges and makes it harder and harder to get good grip. This is useful for everything from sinks to bikes.


You’ll be grateful for a torch when the lights go out and they won’t turn back on, or when you’re trying to loosen that screw under the cupboard. Make sure you have spare batteries on hand for when the light starts to fade.


Having a toolbox to keep all your tools in makes finding everything much easier. Along with all the hand tools that you have, you should include a safety kit. Your safety kit should include a first aid kit in case of an accident, but it also needs to include preventative measures. It should also include safety goggles, ear protection and a dust mask.

Power Tools

You don’t necessarily need power tools in your basic tool kit. If, however, you want to drill holes, then a power drill is the only tool you’ll need. You may want to practice before you do it for real, as power drills are heavy and unwieldy.

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