How to Decorate Your Home with a Fresh Garden Party Theme

It’s all been done before – bohemian, retro, western, regency – we have had enough! It’s about time designer Ernesto Garcia took us into a world of his own with a home designed with a Victorian garden party theme in mind. Here are some tips to help you get the look:

  • Start off with a neutral tone such as taupe or light gray for walls, and carpeting.
  • Deep purple and cream are the perfect color combination when used in moderation. Use this hue on pillows, benches, or coffee table trinkets.
  • Tiled fireplaces have now successfully swapped your traditional brick or stone.
  • Use delicate fabrics like the small silk floral pillows placed on the green side chairs.
  • Make way for bouquets and pots of blooming flowers.
  • Curtains and rugs in neutral colors with delicate floral prints bring the monotone walls to life.
  • Its all in the details – use intricate detailing on furniture like coffee tables and wall shelving units.

Ernesto Garcia Design