Tis the Season for Carpet Cleaning! Learn About these Awesome Health Benefits from the Pros!

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You’ll have lots of guests, family, and friends coming over this season, which means lots of dust, dirt and grime buildup. It’s time to deep clean those carpets and get them spanking new to improve your home’s look and you overall health!

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When it comes to cleaning your home, there is no greater impact on the look, feel and smell of your home than having clean carpets. However, having your carpets professionally cleaned offers much more than just a great looking and smelling home. There are also numerous health benefits that you won’t believe. We’ve rounded up some important points from the pros:

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Having Your Carpet Cleaned Removes Embedded Pollutants 

Believe it or not, the EPA has recently reported that your carpet is one of the number one contributors of indoor pollution. This is because many indoor pollutants become trapped in the fibers including dirt, pet dander, pest droppings and various particles – gross!

These nasty pollutants actually become sticky and can trap other pollutants such as harmful gases, which can then be released continuously, contaminating the air you and your family breathe. Getting your carpet professionally cleaned is one of the only ways to actually REMOVE all of these pollutants which helps keep the air you breathe cleaner, reducing asthma flare-ups, allergic reactions and other respiratory problems.

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Removes Dust Mites

Have you ever been bitten by dust mites? Dust mites are common in many homes and most times don’t cause any major issues. However, for those homes with major infestations or where the occupants have sensitivity to these pests, their presence can make life miserable. I have a French bulldog that DOES NOT like dust, so these mites are a big no-no!

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Professional carpet cleaning companies understand what processes are required to remove the mites as well as their feces and other contaminants they leave behind while keeping allergens to a minimum.

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Prevents Mold Growth

If you live in an high-humidity and rainy area, having a carpet in your home can promote the growth of many different types of mold, which can be VERY dangerous. I’ve heard of numerous cases of people developing tons of allergies and even CANCER because of mold. Carpets hold moisture and provide mold spores with the dark, warm, and moist environment that they need to flourish. Walking on carpets with wet shoes is a recipe for disaster and contributes to even more moisture and mold growth.

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There are tons of great places that prevent mold growth like Expert Carpet cleaning NYC that uses high-powered dryers that actually inactivate the mold spores using special cleaners. From personal experience, this is worth every penny – you’ll notice a huge difference in your home’s overall air. It will be much fresher and cleaner since it is free of mold spores – great for anyone with sensitivities and asthma. Make sure you clean your carpets every 6 months, if it’s been longer then that, you’ll definitely want to schedule an appointment today!

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