Fireplaces vs. Stoves – Find out which one to Choose and Why!

Winter is here and one of the biggest things on any homeowner’s mind is how they are going to heat their home throughout the colder months!


While central heating provides a great option to heat your whole home, many homeowners are still looking to old school fireplaces and stoves. I am a huge fan of central heating, but I can’t resist sitting by a warm crackling fire, especially on those cozy winter nights in! Choosing between a fireplace and a stove can be a little puzzling, so we’ve broken down the different types and styles to help you make an easy breezy decision:


Wood Burning Stoves

If you like a traditional look, classic inset wood burning stoves are the way to go. A wood-burning stove has a lot of character to it, and is great for home’s that have a traditional sense of décor. If you are on a tight budget looking to cut your energy bills, I would definitely recommend one of these stoves to cut your costs. Wood is a cheap source to fuel your stove and will give off an large amount of heat at a low cost. This is also why portable wood burning stoves are slowly becoming a favorite by backpackers and campers. You do not have to bring gas as wood is readily available as fuel when you are outdoors.


Electric or Gas Stove

For those who live in smoke controlled areas, but still want the classic character of a stove, a good option would be to choose a gas or electric stove. Still maintaining that traditional look, gas and electric stoves are powered by your home’s fuel source – most stoves have imitation wood features to ensure that traditional spot of décor.


A Traditional Fireplace

Although stoves look great in any home, some homeowners may prefer the grand and statement look of a complete fireplace. Ideal for homes where size is of a premium, a complete fireplace will make a dramatic interior design statement in the living area. The best thing about a fireplace is that you can dump huge logs to fuel a large, long lasting fire that will heat your home for hours. You can also take the opportunity to decorate a lovely mantel for the holiday season where the whole family can gather and enjoy.


A Wall Hung Fireplace

If you have a smaller living space, but still want the elegant centrepiece of a fireplace, a good option would be to choose a wall hung fire. A wall hung fire is built into your wall, or attached to the wall, this means that it frees up any floor space underneath – especially ideal for smaller spaces that require this valuable floor space.