Kitchen 101: How to Keep Cooking Smells From Entering the Rest of Your Home

Most of us that have an open concept layout have a huge problem in keeping lingering cooking smells from entering the rest of our home. The best remedy is to prevent the odors in the first place. You can cook your favorite meals and keep the musky cooking smells from the rest of your home with these 5 easy steps:

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Scrap Sponges and Dishtowels

If you have a soggy sponge sitting in your sink, it may be time to buy a fresh one. Used kitchen sponges and dishcloths can retain an moldy smell overtime, especially if not washed properly. Every now and then, soak them in boiling water and baking soda or bleach to kill not only odors, but germs as well.

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Freshen up Your Trashbin

Your trashcan is a haven for collecting kitchen smells and can start smelling foul over time. Freshen it up by giving it a full wash down with warm water and dish soap. Also try to take out the trash after making each meal to keep the smells from lingering and building up overtime in your kitchen.

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Install Proper Ventilation

Ventilation is the key to dilute the cooking odors coming from your kitchen so make sure you have good circulation like a built in ventilator right above your stove. They can neatly be tucked in under your kitchen cabinet, so most of the time they aren’t even visible to clash with your decor. You definitely want to keep it working during and even a little after cooking to banish as many odors and possible.

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Separate your Kitchen

Consider installing a large sliding door to your kitchen or even a curtain to allow the flexibility of having an open or closed kitchen. This way you have the option of opening the doors for everyday use or closing it to keep out kids, pets or to hide a mess while guests are visiting.

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Clean while you Cook

Even when you are cooking a meal, you can banish odors by immediately washing pots and pans to eliminate as many odors as possible. Hard to clean pots should be soaked right away and leftovers should be put in zip lock containers and stowed away instantly.

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