DIY Diva: Save Money and Install Your Own Tiles – Tips from the Pros

You just found an exciting tiling DIY and can’t wait to dive in and get your hands dirty – wait and don’t skip the instructions! I’ve learned the hard way finding out that tiling is tricky and many homeowners try to tackle this project on their own, leaving themselves puzzled and stuck with nothing but a mess.

With my recent visit to the UK, I picked up a tiling go-to guide that was actually backed from the Royal Institute of British Architects. I’m going to share with you some tips from the guide that helped me with my recent bathroom DIY – I actually used fun pebble tiles for a natural stone look!

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Follow the Manufactures Instructions at All Times

When it comes to the actual process of tiling, you will need to follow the manufacturers instructions closely with regards to the application of grout and adhesive. These products differ depending on the brand, so take your time to read and understand the instructions before using them. If you do it correctly, it will really help when you reach the process of carefully aligning your tiles and ensuring that less than a quarter of each square is used at the edges.

BDB Tip: Avoid placing patterned tiles at each corner since they will have to be cut to suit the space, making your overall pattern look choppy and messy.

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Make Sure to Use Spacers

When placing tiles, you must be super careful and pay considerable attention to details. To lay your tiles like a pro, use spacers between all tiles to help regulate the distance that exists between the tiles and create uniform grout lines. This tip is crucial to ensure your design looks clean and professional, and failing to follow this process usually results in a messy and crooked result. Make sure to take breaks – you don’t want to end up with a sloppy finish if you are tired and worn out near the end of your project!

BDB Tip: Make sure to invest in quality tiles that are durable, scratch resistant, and can withstand a lot of wear and tear. I consider tiles to be a long-term investment, so make sure to choose a design you really love since you may have them for several years. There are lots of reputable suppliers of tiles such as Tiles4All, which have affordable tiles and hundreds of designs. I personally love the look of black and white marble tiles, which are on the pricey side but have a classy, timeless look no other tile can replace!

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