Turn Your Garden into a Cozy Hangout with these 4 Easy Steps

Spending more time in your garden during the summer months is always appealing, but making it a more attractive place to spend your time can be a little tricky!

Take a look at these simple ideas to make your garden cozy and comfortable for the whole family to enjoy.

Make things comfortable

If your outdoor furniture is comfortable, you’re more likely to use it rather than opt to sit inside on the couch. Try garden furniture that mimics a couch and comes complete with weatherproof cushioned seats. Some extra small pillows will bring the indoors outdoors and a few blankets or throws will let you enjoy the rest of the evening once the sun has gone down.


Grow your own

Having a vegetable patch or small greenhouse encourages you to spend more time in the garden during the summer months. If you have children then getting them involved is a great idea; kids love projects and watching the seeds they planted turn into food they can eat will fascinate them. It doesn’t have to be expensive either, just devote a small corner of your lawn to growing produce, or buy an inexpensive pop-up greenhouse. If the idea has caught your interest, then check out this article about the benefits of growing your own produce.


Add a pop of colour

Accessorizing your garden might seem crazy, but coloured plant pots and co-ordinating table sets for when you eat outside will really make your garden a nicer place to be. Try carrying accents of the colour theme inside the house to the outdoors to create seamlessness between your home and garden, encouraging you to step outside.


Light things up

On relaxed summer evenings, burning large candles will make your outdoor space feel cosy and welcoming, so you won’t be tempted to head back inside once the sun sets. If you’re having a party or barbeque, then some tube lights wrapped around fencing or trellising will ensure your guests can actually still see each other once it gets dark.


Hopefully you’ll now have plenty of inspiration for giving your garden a bit of TLC this summer, but if you’re on a tight budget and need a few DIY ideas, check out this Pinterest board.